Section 5-1. “Hazo therapy” is an ideal causal therapy

In this chapter, shall we review several examples in which dental treatments programmed by a new paradigm “Teeth are organs” are actually applied in clinical fields? So as to discriminate the new systemic dental treatments based on organ concept of teeth from the conventional ones, we wish to call it as “Hazo treatments”. As the witnesses from patients, we have already referred to comments of them whose systemic symptoms were alleviated by “Hazo treatments”. In this chapter, we shall confirm concretely actual cures of systemic symptoms by treatment of teeth, whereby I wish to certify the fact that teeth are not the chewing organs but exert transmission of information to the whole body, indicating “Teeth are organs” and “Teeth are connected to our lives”.Ideal therapy or rational treatment is not a symptomatic therapy but a causal therapy. The latter therapy means finding out the causes of the disease, removal of them and curing the disease radically. “Hazo treatments” can be classified into the causal therapy. To begin with, for your better understanding of significance of the therapy, I wish to explain “Hazo diseases” systematically according to causes. They can be collated into three cause lines. One of them is abnormality in “Hazo”~cerebral line functions, and another is abnormality in “Hazo”~muscle function line. The third is an iatrogenic disease including abnormality caused by implanted artificial foreign substances such as organ incompatible metals. They are responsible for onset of systemic symptoms or dysfunction directly or indirectly via stress reactions.On the other hand, in order to minimize the abnormality in such a “Hazo”~cerebral line and to maintain homeostasis in physical functions, “Hazo”~muscle line functions try to keep the balance by controlling the physical posture and correcting bias of information transmission from “Hazo” to brain. Sometimes, distorted teeth alignment is associated with shifting mandibular position, thereby loading forced tension on chewing muscles. As the natural consequence, the spine and the posture are distorted, with shifted centroidal line, difference in the height of bilateral shoulders, onset of lateral curvature and sometimes difference in lengths in bilateral legs. Although it cannot be superficially recognized, visceral smooth muscles are usually exposed to abnormal tension. If we stand up, sitting or walking, indicating postures against gravity under these situations, stiff shoulder, headache, low back pain, back pain and numbness occur as a warning from our bodies. In severe cases, pains persist under a supine position on bed. In some cases, abnormality occurs in visceral organs directly or indirectly. According to abnormality in occlusion, various symptoms manifest in mandibular joint such as inability to open mouth, difficulty to open mouth, making noise around jaw upon chewing and tiredness in mandibular joint. In addition to these two abnormality, artificial materials such as incompatible metals to organs cause biological abnormality (iatrogenic diseases) including the afore-mentioned Macro-Galvanic electric erosion effects, electromagnetic disorders, changes in “Hado” of water in our bodies due to alteration of biological electric bio-fields and resonance.Furthermore, since abnormality attributed to teeth is not a temporary one but continuous and accumulating effects, they contribute to sleep disturbance and onset of systemic stress reactions as the most significant stressor to induce physico-psychological distortion.If we compare “Hazo diseases” to bowing of twigs, they can be reverted to the original shapes of twigs provided that the twigs are blown by tolerable strength of wind. The same is true with “Hazo diseases”. Once “Hazo diseases” are treated with “Hazo” treatment to remove unreasonable power which is loaded on patients’ bodies, they can be reverted to healthy bodies. However, if “Hazo diseases” are aggravated due to delayed treatment and unreasonable force is continuously given beyond the bowing limit, the twigs are broken, whereby elimination of the causes by “Hazo” treatments would not regain the original forms of the broken twigs. The broken lesions of the twigs should be locally reverted to the original shapes by a kind of surgeries. Take diabetes mellitus for example, it is difficult to cure it completely. Herniation of intervertebral disc and ureteral calculi might be good examples in which despite surgeries, local diseases would be easily relapsed because local surgeries would not be sufficient for complete cure. What is required is to completely cure “Hazo diseases” which play an important role as the causes of such abnormality. It is well known that both herniation of intervertebral disc and ureteral calculi easily relapse. This is because the causal mechanism for “Hazo diseases” is involved in these diseases.

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