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Kazumasa Muratsu D.D.S.,Ph.D.
(Japanese Doctor of Medical Dentistry)

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The Message I Would Like to Convery to People

“Teeth are our organs. I wish to create the society in which having native teeth is recognized as natural.”

Teeth were found to be not the tools for eating foods but our “organs”. It has not been considered so far that abnormality of teeth would be responsible for inconvenience for ingestion but would not affect systemic health at all. However, in the animal experiments on dogs, it was revealed that alterations of bites resulted in bending the vertebral column whereby it was confirmed that improvement of abnormal bites in humans contributed to recovery from abnormal curvature of vertebral column. According to “the Survey on healthy degrees of vivid elderly persons” performed by the Health Science Center of Kyushu University, it was disclosed that teeth affect autonomic nervous system functions to change sputum secretion and blood pressure, indicating that individual tooth possesses different systemic transmission of information, namely the organ features.Based on these findings, “Hazo theory (Teeth are our organs, “Hazo”)” has been proposed. During the process of verifying this “Hazo theory”, we applied to the clinical settings the dental treatment which has been programmed by this theory. As the result, improvement of various systemic symptoms beyond the conventional medical consensus has been attained, whereby this “Hazo theory” has been proved.“Teeth are our organs.” Really, “Teeth are associated with our lives.”These facts indicate that the modern medicine has a serious blind spot because the conventional medicine recognizes teeth as only a part of the intestinal tracts. This blind spot for the modern medicine is responsible for understating significance of teeth, leading to disregarding “The association of teeth with our lives”; as the natural consequence, teeth are sometimes extracted without careful consideration and occasionally, artificial materials which are incompatible with our bodies are implanted within our oral cavity. Due to such treatments, live central bodies are weakened and our lives are contaminated, resulting in causing dysfunction in our physical and mental mechanisms of our bodies.As the results, despite of advance and sophisticated progress of medicine, more than 80% of adults are suffering from pains including low back pain, stiff shoulder and headache while one out of three persons has abnormality in terms of internal medicine. Furthermore, incidences of intractable diseases due to unknown causes, mental abnormality such as depression, allergic diseases including bronchial asthma, atopy, and pollen diseases are more increasing; therefore, the whole nation are suffering from them. What’s worse, stress reactions worsen the fundamental immunological functions and natural healing ability, evolving into onset of the three major life-style related diseases such as cancer, stroke and heart diseases.In addition, the blind point of the modern medicine in terms of teeth induces abnormality in both instinct and mental activities thereby inviting very dangerous and serious situations in the society rather than individual healthy problems including frequent occurrence of violent crimes by adolescent child which has become the important social problems; occurrence of abnormal behaviors by mothers to kill their own children; and furthermore, sharp drop in the birthrate. Human bodies are compared to a micro cosmos. It is quite natural that some distortion will take place in physico-mental activities once an organ malfunction occurs. “Teeth are our organs.”・・・・・・This is the important message to human beings in the 21st century.

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