Section 5-2. “Hazo disease” is diagnosed by oral internal medicine tests

Now I wish to briefly explain actual procedures of treatment for “Hazo” therapy. First of all, the patient is asked to receive the oral internal medicine tests in parallel with conventional dental examinations, whereby we investigate whether there are any abnormal findings from the systemic points of view apart from local diseases such as dental caries or alveolar pyorrhea, and there are any latent problematic factors related to oral organic functions. As explained previously, the significance of these tests can be easily recognized if you think about an iceberg floating in the ocean. When we look at an iceberg, it consists of the visible part above the sea but actually, the real part is hidden below the sea level. The conventional dental examinations focus on the visible parts, namely oral lesions such as abnormality in chewing functions of teeth. Oral internal medicine tests examine systemic functional abnormalities of teeth from their organic features which cannot be determined by superficial examinations. For example, careful investigations shall be performed on postures and systemic functions. Through these examinations, not only superficial chewing function abnormalities but also real health conditions of teeth affecting the whole body can be clarified. Based on these findings, we make diagnosis whether there are “Hazo diseases” as dental organic diseases or not.

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