Section 5-5. A new approach in dental medical therapy to stimulate systemic health by treatment of teeth

When “Hazo” treatment successfully achieves the therapeutic objective such as optimization of dental occlusion and removal of the causes, together with improvement of oral conditions and systemic symptoms, we usually perform oral internal examinations to confirm complete cure of “Hazo diseases”. After complete cure of the diseases is verified, the voluntary patients can receive periodical prophylactic services with the objective to maintain optimal conditions of dental bites and to promote “Hazo” health. This medical service is based on the new medical paradigm because the conventional prophylaxis depending on only oral health is not sufficient for that purpose. In addition to them, the followings are also required such as systemic health promotion via teeth, improvement of mental and physical functions and elevation of happiness feeling. In the 21st century, dental medicines will enter into a new phase such as a brand new medical service. Its feasibility is already explained in the above. An old saying tells us “Lead the way by setting an example”. KOS opened the specific facility with the name of “Dental Care Salon Muratsu” measuring about 100m2 so as to provide such care services in August 1996, after obtaining official approval. To our best knowledge, this facility seemed to be the first one in Japan, and therefore, the outlines of this facility were presented at the 48th General Congress of Japanese Society for Dental Health for the convenience of other dental medical specialists. As of today, about 300 persons are undergoing health medical services under this new paradigm whereby they aim at achieving real health and happiness symbolized by the term “Feeling of no feeling”.

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