Section 5-4. Medical treatments can be ranked in three classes as Gold, Silver and Bronze

It sounds like an awarding ceremony for the Olympic Games but the technologies for medical treatments can be ranked in three classes as Gold, Silver and Bronze. Bronze therapy is interpreted as the remedy only to pursue removal of pains or symptoms in the form of symptomalitic treatment without investigating the causes of such disorders. Silver treatment is recognized as the therapy to elevate resistance or curing ability of our bodies through removal of stresses or life-style improvement for augmenting life functions such as the whole body natural healing ability, without elimination of direct causes. Finally, Gold therapy is designated as the medical treatment in which actual causes involved in pains and disorders are clarified and directly eliminated. Our bodies are constructed in an extremely sophisticated system. The central functions always observe the whole systems in our bodies. When any abnormality in mechanisms is detected, it is presented as unpleasant symptoms such as pains or numbness. Therefore, whenever we recognize these unpleasant symptoms, all we have to do is to express our thanks to the central systems, besides saying “Thank you. I will promptly locate the abnormality in my body.” And we must receive removal intervention of the causes. Not only dental treatment but also any other medical remedies should follow this “Gold” therapy. This is because the recovery of our health by such an approach lasts for a long time without any concerns about adverse reactions of drugs.Since the era of Hippocrates in ancient Greece, it was an ideal for medical treatment in which treatment is made by activating the natural healing ability which is possessed by ourselves whereby patients are cured. In this sense, “Hazo treatments” are actual practices of the ideal therapy targeted by Hippocrates. Successful achievement of this target is attributed to existence of the actual causes of systemic abnormalities in “Hazo”. Whenever we suffer from intractable diseases, we recently wish to undergo MRI or CT scan because they sound like higher-level examinations. Any other parts except “Hazo” are guarded by the natural healing system, as stated above, except for trauma or malignant infections. They are not easily destroyed to become the initial causes of abnormality. Most of them are derived from “Hazo”.
If we compare it to Domino reaction, the initial one piece is “Hazo”Once the first “Hazo” domino is fallen, other dominos such as other organs will be fallen one after another, indicating occurrence of abnormality. As the natural consequence, even if the fallen dominos after the second domino (indicating disordered organs) are corrected without correction of the “Hazo” abnormality corresponding to the first domino, such correction of the second domino would be in vain. This means relapse of diseases or recurrence of other diseases. In other words, upon treatment of any systemic diseases, physicians are requested to investigate presence or absence of “Hazo diseases” or abnormality in “Hazo”, followed by improvement of them, if necessary. This concept can provide precious orientation for new medical practices in the New Century.

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