A 60-year-old woman who regained enjoyment of life

“I am surprised to hear that you came from Saitama prefecture (800 miles apart from Fukuoka) despite of such a physical condition. One or two patients like you visit our clinic a year. It is obvious that all of your physical functions are lowered.” Dr. Muratsu told me when I visited his clinic for the first time.“You were nearly confined to bed because the causes of this physical condition are not clarified and no effective remedies are known to you. You are lucky. Please be relieved from uneasiness because you can regain your health.”While helplessly sitting on the treatment table, I heard the loud and cheerful voice of Dr. Muratsu. I was surprised at his powerful voice.  When I stood up from a chair in my worksite, I slipped over an elastic band and fell on my hips. Since then, pains sustained and 3 weeks later, intense pains developed on my shoulder, whereby I could not roll over in bed. I felt numbness and pains in my four limbs with piercing pain on neck and shoulder. Pains prevented me from putting my head on my pillow. During night time, I asked my husband to get up for rubbing, massaging and pressing these lesions; thanks to such cooperation by my husband, I felt drowsy. After several repetitions of them, next days broke like the previous days.Since I was suffering from allergic tendency, I could not undergo drug remedies and therefore, all I could do was to receive treatments by osteopathist even under the coverage with the Workers' Accident Compensation Insurance System. These treatments tentatively improved my gloomy feeling but at night, I suffered from pains again in bed. My enthusiastic visits to the osteopathist clinic were responded by eager treatments by the osteopathist. However, too much massage resulted in my loosing strength in my legs and I could not walk at all. Eventually, I could not help but give up this treatment.Whenever I put my arms on the steering handle, I felt pains on arms and my fingers were numbed concomitantly with cramp and severe pains. Furthermore, headache, stiff shoulder and swelling on my back occurred, complicated with piercing pain on the low back. I felt an attack of gout on toes while a little bit excessive food amounts caused diarrhea; as the results, it was awfully hard to go to toilet frequently. I lost my body weight sharply. Some of my friends told me later that they could not stand to speak to me. In order not to make my old parents feel concerned, I kept smiling despite of my agony.Under such situations, I happened to meet with one of my old school teachers who has lived in Fukuoka city and I was asked by him “whether I have any troubles in my teeth or not”. I promptly replied to him, saying that my family including me underwent dental treatment by famous dentists, one after another but a couple of teeth have been painful for over 10 years.The said teacher told me,” I know a dentist who improves your physical conditions as the whole by treating decayed teeth. I have been receiving his treatment for the future despite of my teeth being currently healthy. Why don’t you visit him?” The teacher kindly made a reservation for me.Transitions of cervical vertebrae, spine and pelvis were reverted to normal positions by the first treatment of abnormal bites. In addition, slight fever was eliminated with pains alleviated. By repeated treatments, residual pains were improved while cough similar to asthmatic attacks was removed. Although my arms could not be raised or put around my back because of pains previously, I could reach my arms around my neck following removal of the last artificial materials filled into teeth. Three months after treatment, pigmented spots measuring 2 cm in diameter disappeared. Currently, my physical condition is better with my body becoming more flexible.The pleasant event was the fact that I could hold a new-born grand son with my arms tightly.Initially, my three children could not understand the outcomes of my treatment but my daughter cheered for my success while my sons told her parents in law “My mother received re-implantation treatment and removal of the causes for long-lasting pains of nerves by Dr. Muratsu, a famous dentist proud of the highest sophisticated technology. What’s more, toxic artificial materials filled in teeth were replaced with gold and ceramic, resulting in transition of bones being cured by adjustment of bites. It seems miraculous that a near-by osteopathist could not normalize them. I have heard that teeth are really our organs.” I was so much impressed to hear that.In addition to my recovery, my husband who was almost affected by dementia due to arrhythmia and pneumonia is very well currently. My mother at 85 years of age is also very well without any accidental fall after correction of wrongly located false teeth. One of my friend who considered physical disorder as a job-related disease, and another friend who could not walk and had difficult days due to rheumatism appreciated Dr. Muratsu’s treatment because they recovered their health.In future days, I wish to continue the pleasant tooth-brushing (Waku-waku tooth-brushing) while I am looking forward to seeing Dr. Muratsu and stuff members including Mr. Ooi. Thank you very much for your kindness.
(A 59-year-old woman, Saitama prefecture)

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