A woman at 40s of age whose hard days have been changed to happy days which permit her concentrating on her hobbies and pleasures.

Before dental treatments, I was easily fatigued. However, since I met a traffic accident 4 years ago, I spent painful days in which upon getting up in the morning, I was suffering from severe headache, pains around neck, and tiredness. I could not get tastes of food, besides being unable to recognize ingestion of food after chewing them. I was always pessimistic and fell within my own world, thereby being unable to be kind to family members as did previously. Under these situations, family members told me “You are sick. You do not need to do anything trivial and please take a bed rest, mom”. I was puzzled what I should do from now on. Under such a situation, I was introduced to KOS.Whenever I received treatments, discomfort feelings such as headache and stiff shoulder disappeared, and then, gradually enjoyed tastes of food. Simultaneously, visual acuity was improved while forgetfulness was eliminated and I have obtained positive and powerful urge. Recently, I have focused my attention on the favorite events.Upon waking up every morning, I appreciate Dr. Muratsu’s treatment but I cannot find out suitable words to express my thanks. Please save as many patients as possible in future, too. I hope further prosperity of Dr. Muratsu’s dental clinic.
(A 44-year-old woman, Onga, Fukuoka prefecture)

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