A house-wife at 50s of age who was relieved from keen anguish

Around the end of 1998, I found an article in an evening newspaper saying “Improvement of incorrect bites removed pains……., by a dentist in Fukuoka city”.Several years before, I was suffering from numbness of right arm, stiffness and pains of neck and shoulder; however, when they aggravated, I could not hold chopsticks or a pen and had difficulty in cooking. When headache was deteriorated, vomiting occurred. While vomiting in a toilet, I sometimes felt “I prefer to die rather than tolerating such an agony”.I underwent MRI test at a certain hospital while a near-by internal clinician told me “According to various test results, you are at a borderline status between normal condition and those of Meniere’s disease. Actual causes were unknown and therefore, I could not help but visit osteopathist clinic where massages were applied to my neck and shoulders. While receiving such a symptomatic therapy, I played a role as an assistant to my home business and home tasks.In February 1999, I visited Muratsu Dental Clinic, despite of feeling some uncertainty. Dr. Muratsu told me “The disease must be cured by you. All we can do is to assist you”. March 6 as the day when artificial materials were removed from my teeth fell on “Keichitu day (According to the old Chinese calendar, all the warms and insects coming out from the soil on “Keichitu day” because of beginning of the spring season)”. So, I felt that everything would go well because treatment was started on “Keichitu day”. After removal of the artificial implantation materials, I walked to Hakata railway station and I was surprised to note that numbness of my right arm was completely absent despite of its having lasted for such a long time. Furthermore, headache disappeared in the afternoon of the next day. I felt as if I was spellbound but I recognized that Dr. Muratsu’s hard study and works have relieved me of such symptoms. Since then, my physical conditions have been well without any headache and vomiting but on June 16, previous symptoms suddenly occurred again. On my next visit to Dr. Muratsu in July, I told him recurrence of the symptoms whereby Dr. Muratsu made consultation by using a mirror and explained to me that malocclusion of the anterior teeth is responsible for this recurrence (At the first visit with this clinic, Dr. Muratsu clearly said “Shall we monitor this malocclusion for the time being”). Promptly, I received prosthetic correction and when I came back to my home, the said symptoms disappeared.In September, I received an implant therapy. My blood pressure was relatively low, with the systolic blood pressure being 90mmHg. However, at the beginning of December, I visited an internal medicine clinic because of common cold and my blood pressure was found 120 mmHg as the systolic blood pressure. This reminded me of Dr. Muratsu’s presentation in which he mentioned that a certain tooth (I am not sure of the name of the tooth) plays a role in elevating blood pressure. I received nothing else and therefore, such a change was attributed to only implant therapy. On December 25, my treatment was completed and I found myself in a good condition. I feel very happy to get acquainted with Dr. Muratsu on a news paper to receive his treatment. I wish to get a lot more out of life.I would like Dr. Muratsu to be careful of his health and save lots of people. I wish to convey my hearty thanks to the staff members. Thank you very much.
(A woman of 52 years of age, Yame city)

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