Section 5-3. Outlines of “Hazo treatment” and its key point

Since a full discussion of “Hazo treatment” is beyond the scope of this book, I wish to skip the details. The important points upon treatment are to leave teeth to the possible extent by using replantation in addition to the conventional dental treatment technologies including guidance for mouth cleaning and treatment of gum-ridge. Such an approach is followed by treatment from the view point of the teeth themselves emitting information. One of these important points is to improve dental bites from the systemic points of view. Care is required for structures of prosthesis including crown. More important point is to carefully investigate biological compatibility of artificial implantation such as metals and other materials to be used for dental treatment from the view point of “Hazo theory”, as well as “Hado” activating apparatus. In the future dental therapy, we must avoid such a concept that superficial appearance consisting of rare metals or ceramic outweighs column support in implant. Even though the implant is invisible from outside, it is a metal implanted in our body, indicating requirement of sophisticated biological compatibility. If the implanted metals demonstrate biological incompatibility, the muscular strength test discloses the reduced responses in biological functions. Such a reduction is responsible for abnormality of the system.Once “Hazo diseases” are diagnosed, naturally concrete therapies should be performed to improve them; however, the fundamental policy is “To remove the causes involved in ‘Hazo diseases’ and to activate natural healing power followed by recovery of self-curing mechanisms”. As the application issue, the followings are performed: “Optimal occlusion of teeth is targeted to induce the biological functions associated with ultra-healthy conditions. With use of such mysterious functions hidden in our bodies, guidance should be conducted to improve intractable diseases by patients’ own powers and also to induce the maximum functions.” Concerning the application of the latter “Hazo treatments”, I wish to describe it in the following chapter. No administration of drugs is made for the purpose of treatment of “Hazo diseases”. When we feel unpleasant symptoms such as headache, stiff shoulder, pains around our neck, numbness and convulsion of four limbs, we usually wish to be free from them by all means. As the results, we receive massage, drug medication, application of plaster, indicating that all of them are symptomatic treatments. It is quite reasonable to remove such symptoms because they are quite unpleasant ones. However, if our host defense system always watches our whole bodies and these unpleasant symptoms are interpreted as alarms to inform us of abnormality in our bodies, that is another story. There is a disease called as congenital insensitivity to pain. Although the patients with this disease have no abnormality in peripheral nerve and autonomic nerve systems, they cannot recognize any pains. It seems no problem to them because they have no pains but they are always injured due to no pains, evolving into early death due to bacterial infections. As you can imagine from these examples, pains and unpleasant feeling guard us. Usually, we dislike the unpleasant sensations but correct recognition of their roles in biological protective reactions contributes to the supreme protective procedures from diseases. I anticipate that the 21st century would be a new era based on these biological functions.In this relation, shall I talk about mental attitudes of both physicians and patients which will elevate therapeutic effects? There is a famous word from “Zen Buddhism”, “When a chicken picks the inside of the egg for hatching, a hen simultaneously breaks the egg from outside”. This implies “Both parties correspond to each other”. The patients undergoing “Hazo treatments” tend to say repeatedly “I wish to believe in Dr. Muratsu and as the results, my curious diseases would be cured. All the patients must do is to normalize “Hazo” functions as the center of our living bodies, thereby maximizing my own living functions and overcoming diseases”. Of course, they perform their own self efforts such as improvement of lifestyle habits. As for dentists, we must normalize “Hazo” functions as the center of our lives and augment the biological functions of patients to the maximum levels. Simultaneously, we must cooperate with other physicians if necessary and make self-examination whether my treatment can exert satisfactory outcomes or not, besides believing successful and completer cure of the diseases. When both desires meet together, the long-lasting diseases will escape from patients. It is conceivable that treatment is not a one-man performance by the dentist but a complicated opera in which patients, dentists and lots of staff members are star players. Sometimes, it can be compared to duet, ensemble and an orchestral performance.  When resonance of participants’ wishes is obtained, a hard core can be broken. “Hazo treatments” are characterized as a causal therapy and a life function activating therapy; accordingly, we can talk about the original point of the medical remedies.

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