Section 2-5. All the roads lead to “Hazo”

For your better understanding about positioning of “Hazo”, shall we compare higher forms of life to the Roman Empire? The living organism (for example, something like amoeba) which behaves as one city state like Rome conquers the surrounding cities to expand its territories. Such cities correspond to organs in the humans. So as to connect the conquered cities, road networks were opened. These roads were prepared to connect mutually across the city groups but finally led to Rome as the final destination.
If we compare these Roman system to the human bodies, along the roads, there were functional cities (heart, liver, lung, etc.) where materials and water (nutrients and oxygen in the blood) required for surviving of the inhabitants of the empire, and the cities (kidney) where garbage was disposed; finally, they became big enough compared with Rome in their structural scales. On the other hand, Rome (predacious organ) organically regulated the expanding Roman Empire and gradually changed its features from the center with predacious organ function to the functional city with the highly sophisticated central information control center functions which were supported by the specific sensory organs such as eyes, nose and ears as well as the brain. This is the “Head”. Head is an expanded and differentiated predacious organ itself.
Currently, humans cook foods with fire and eat soft foods daily. However, among the mammals some animals like lions eat the preys as they are. For that purpose, such beasts need to have powerful predacious organs. These organs could be regarded as the cranium and the submaxillary bone. In fact, the chewing muscles including temporal muscle and masseteric muscle are attached to the cranial bone while the maxillary joint involves the cranial bone as its part. Accordingly, we can define the organs and tissues associated with prey as “Hazo”.
Given all this, it is conceivable that “Hazo (Teeth-organ)” consists of the central structure for the vital centers and also plays a role as the vital center by itself. In the embryology, there is a word “gill arch” and “Hazo” as the embryological descendant of “gills” is the origin for sensory organs such as eyes, nose and ears which are located in the head; in addition, various vital functions derive from “Hazo”. All the roads lead to Rome (predacious organs). Accordingly, it is rational that “Hazo” is directly associated with not only the chewing functions but also the systemic mechanisms of living organisms, and is related to autonomic nervous systems and endocrine systems. In addition, “Hazo” is responsible as the linkpin for activities of the systemic muscles including skeletal and visceral muscles via the chewing muscle, together with posture-regulating functions on the vertebral column. In this book, various witnesses are provided by patients who experienced improvement mental and physical symptoms by dental treatment. “Hazo” would be the only organ which alleviates various symptoms as shown in the testimonies. These facts clearly indicate that “Hazo” is located in the center of the vital functions.

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