Section 5-2. Teeth activate chakras of the human body and are connected with the whole organs

In the last part of the above-cited witness, there is an interesting description suggesting the important hidden function associated with teeth. Miss Yoko, the daughter of this patient had shorter height equivalent to those of elementary school children due to abnormal secretion of growth hormone. As a part of such an abnormality, she had no menstruation. Although she took orally the relevant drugs, efficacy could not be observed. Surprisingly, however, about 1 week after beginning of “Hazo” treatment, her menstruation commenced. Growth hormone is synthesized in pituitary gland located in the center of brain and secreted from this gland. Furthermore, pituitary gland is a central endocrine gland which is involved in control of other important endocrine hormones such as thyroid hormone and prolactin hormone. The reaction observed in this patient indicates a possibility that “Hazo” is associated with pituitary gland functions which play a key role in endocrine gland. Given the fact that pituitary gland exert a central function, it is also suggested that “Hazo” also is associated with other systemic endocrine gland functions including pineal body, thyroid gland, thymus, adrenal gland, Leiden gland and sex gland.  In the Orient, the location of endocrine gland is called as chakras while it has been believed that during Zen sitting meditation or simple meditation by expert Zen Buddhists, Kundalini representing a kind of energy is raised from sex gland, drifts upward in the spinal cord, finally reaching pituitary gland. During the course of elevation of this Kundalini energy, it is reported that one can enjoy normalization of our vital function, its expansion and furthermore, perception of the self spiritual world.
Coupled with the fact that improvement of bites of teeth is associated with removal of vertebral column distortion and elevated electric energy in the brain stem, it is postulated that improvement of “Hazo” function would make it easy to elevate this Kundalini energy and to activate the said chakras. Concerning this chakras centers, there is a theory that the 8th chakras is located about 1 feet above our head, with the 9th chakras within 3 feet, together with the 10th, 11th, and 12th chakras being related to the Solar system, the Milky Way system and the whole Universe. Although this theory could not be testified, as one possibility, teeth as the living gems expand our mental world to the universal scales and might hold a key to connect with a mental conglomerate. This would contribute to deepening understanding of our own presence as human beings and stimulating evolution as the living body. As the natural course, mental tranquility could be obtained in our living activities associated with “transient flesh body” on the earth. Accordingly, teeth provide important significance in evolution of our living bodies in the universe; therefore, spoiling of teeth would delay such an evolution.
In relation to the above-stated correlation of teeth with chakras, the Oriental Medicine pointed out the inherent relationship between individual teeth and various organs in our body. Such a correlation would surely exist as a mechanism of our living body. This is because as stated above, “Hazo” as the prototype standard of branchial arch organ was located in the upper position beyond all the organs including brain if we trace back to the evolution process. Actually, once gold crown having covered left second bicuspid was removed clinically, some patients promptly complained of numb feeling of the ipsilateral mid finger. In such removal cases, stimulation was given by using different teeth, resulting in response being found in different fingers. Other fingers correspond to individual teeth as follows; first bicuspid to index finger, first molar and canine to medicinal finger, and second molar, medial incisor and lateral incisor to fifth finger, respectively. According to the meridian study of the Oriental Medicine, there are respective “Genketu” in each finger such as “Daicho kei meridian” in index finger, “Sinnpou kei meridian” in middle finger, “Sansho kei meridian” in medicinal finger, “Sin kei meridian” and “Shouchou kei meridian” in fifth finger. It is reported that they are associated with the whole body including visceral organs. Although details are not yet clarified, it is quite reasonable that “Hazo” of each tooth is closely correlated with respective organs and each part of our whole body. Accordingly, stimulation of teeth provides influences on related inherent organs and our body without perception whereby firmness and appropriate temperature stimulation of teeth accompanied by chewing foods inevitably give favorable influences as the activating factors to the related parts of the body. On the other hand, unpleasant stimulation such as pain due to dental caries, twinge in teeth and inability to bite foods might lead to abnormality in the related lesions and dysfunction; on the contrary, however, there is also a possibility that abnormality of the related organs affects functions of the said teeth.

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