Section 4-3. Dentin-dental pulp complex which is filled with vital power

The dentinal matrix is located inside the dental enamel. In reality, when we grind a tooth during our dental treatment, the dentin looks like a slightly-yellowish white plastic with homogeneous hardness (Please refer to Figure VII).
However, microscopic observation of the sliced specimen revealed lots of narrow tubes, called as dental tubule (Figure 55). In this tubule, water-like substance is contained. Have you ever experienced a slight pain when your tooth brush touches the basal part of your tooth or you drink cold water? Such a case occurs if you too much polish the basal part of your tooth with your tooth paste. What causes such a slight pain although no nerve is exposed from the tooth ? This pain can be explained by the fact that the dental enamel corresponding to the skin of the tooth is deprived, resulting in exposure of the dental matrix located inside the dentin. Physical stimulation is associated with movement of the inside water-like substance which is transferred to the dental pulp as a pain. When we take vitamin preparations or antibiotics orally, they appear in this dentin through the dental pulp several hours later.
The lymph fluid from the dental pulp was confirmed to be within this tubule; accordingly, we call this part as the dentin-dental pulp complex because the dentinal matrix has been recognized as the vital tissue closely associated with the dental pulp. Have you had bitter experiences in which despite receiving careful treatment of dental caries, you had tooth pain later? In case of Streptococcus mutans being left after treatment, this bacterium survives based on the support of both vitamins and nutrients which are supplied via the dentinal matrix from the dental pulp, and causes decayed teeth, followed by infection being expanded to the dental pulp finally. As is obvious from these examples, the dentin is not a mere inorganic stone but is vividly living.
Dental pulp contains nerves and blood vessels, together with immature cells, suggesting that dental pulp is alive. For example, in case of the teeth being excessively polished with dental paste leading to be gouged and percepting coldness of water, undifferentiated and active mesenchymal cells are changed to odontoblast cells, and then create a new teeth layer called as the second dentinal matrix to defense themselves according to the pain warning. When you hold one mouthful of hot green tea, you will feel as if each tooth perceive warm sensation in your mouth. It is not a surprising phenomenon; however, warm and cold sensation by teeth via the dental pulp are the important transmission of information to the brain.
As the natural consequence, you are recommended to intentionally perform systemic physical exercises and activation of your whole body including the brain through chewing foods with your teeth. You should make full use of your teeth.
Our body possesses an interesting feature such as disuse atrophy characteristic of causing atrophy and dysfunction of the non-used organs and tissues. In other words, if you have no knowledge about the real function of “Hazo” and roughly chew foods with only front teeth, physical functions and spiritual energy will be weakened, together with dysfunction of teeth and gum-ridge. The most important point to maintain teeth under good condition is to understand “Hazo” and chew your favorite foods thoroughly with full gratitude. Such a practice is related to the systemic health maintenance.

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