Section 5-1. Potential concealed in the enamel crystal. Intake of free energy.Pulsation activity of body fluid

It seems to me that there is another important function of teeth. This is still one speculation but is associated with the crystalline structure of the dental enamel. As stated above, the crystal of the dental enamel possesses hexagonal structure like those of some gems such as amethyst. Honeycomb also consists of gathered hexagonal units. Such a special structure plays a miraculous role in gathering together the free energy in the empty space; one of the examples is found in the golden section, 1:1.618, in the pyramid power and the natural world. For example, when a certain volunteer holds an extracted tooth on his palm and undergoes a muscular strength test, his muscle strength is found to be remarkably improved. If you have an extracted tooth, you can examine this interesting power by yourselves. There is also a possibility that teeth would be an inlet apparatus to incorporate free energy. Interestingly, during the course of evolution from reptiles to mammals, trabecular architecture of the dental enamel was developed, leading to increased width. This eventually indicates increase in the hexagonal enamel crystal amount, thereby suggesting great enhancement of free energy aggregation effects.
In the mean time, the crystalline dental enamel is considered to possess higher wave nature from its structure. Dental pulp is kept insides such crystal. Within the dental pulp, blood and lymphatic fluid are circulating every minute. However, the dental pulp space is so narrow and accordingly, the circulating amount might be limited; nevertheless, it can be anticipated that all the blood would pass through the inside of this crystal and affects the dental pulp.
It is postulated that teeth possess a kind of system in which due to the resonance phenomenon of the crystal, blood, especially its “water” component is purified or activated. During the course of progress of physics from Newton’s classic mechanics, and Einstein’s principle of relativity to De Broglie’s quantum theory, it has been disclosed that materials or their fundamental elements, namely atoms have both characters such as particle performance and wave nature. De Broglie expressed that “All the materials are waves” while it is considered that all the materials including human beings and water possess wave nature with inherent number of frequency or number of vibration. Mr. Masaru Emoto, a chairman of International Hado Member Club described importance of “Hado” which affects consciousness and health of human beings, and particularly pointed out importance of “Hado” of water. The percentage of water in our body accounts for about 70%, indicating that our life is floating on water. Accordingly, if our body and mental status are in good harmony with the universe, it is anticipated that we can spend happy and healthy lives whereas if “Hado” of water is unfavorably low, it will lose harmony with the universe, with our lives and health, as well as our society being destroyed. Chemically speaking, water contains quite a few hydrogen bonding while such a hydrogen bonding plays a decisive role in genes and proteins indispensable for human bodies. They are daily synthesized with use of water in our bodies. In this sense, favorable or unfavorable “Hado” of water is very important because water is directly incorporated into such a synthesis. Teeth can be regarded as the second kidney in terms of “Hado” purification of our body fluid.
Teeth are surrounded by tongue, buccal mucosa and gingival, all of which are tissues characteristic of abundantly containing blood. Under a thin mucous membrane, much more blood and lymphatic fluid compared with those in dental pulp is circulating. These circulating fluid is affected by the crystal of teeth. Exchange by means of resonance phenomenon of “Hado” occurs at the frequency of microsecond orders. “Hado” of water as the constituent of human bodies is also altered during the course of passing through the crystal side or in the crystal, whereby it is conceivable that all the water in our body is affected finally. There is a possibility that teeth provide us with unimaginable benefits.
Even if we live in urban areas where inhabitants could not help but drink the city water with lower “Hado”, the dental crystal activates the “Hado” of water. In sharp contrast, when these intact teeth are ground to replace them with other artificial ones, we are afraid that something awful will take place. The outcome of such an event is contamination of our lives. If you drink brand-name spring water by paying much money, it is changed to water with bad “Hado” in your body. Occasionally, we encounter some persons who are very careful about foods and water and furthermore, have a pleasant personality with less stress; however, we are very surprised to know that these respectful persons die of cancer suddenly. Such unhappy cases can be attributed to contaminated water in the bodies resulting in causing cancer because the “Hado” activating function of teeth becomes “Hado” aggravating apparatus by implantation of organ incompatible artificial materials with lower “Hado” in the dental gum. This shall be explained again in Chapter III referring to incompatible materials for dental use but the related witness from patients would be introduced below.

I was suffering from severe eczema for a long time. As the natural consequence, Ihad itching, darkened skin and stiff shoulder, besides being unable to raise my left arm. I happened to be acquainted with KOS Muratsu Dental Clinic by introduction of one of my friends. In this Clinic, artificial materials which had been implanted in my dental gum were removed; thereafter, itching sensation was eliminated and my left arm could be raised completely. Gradually, every complaint disappeared and suddenly I recalled the previous complaints such as stiff shoulder and inability of raising my
hand.My daughter, Yoko (tentative name) is now 18 years old. She had no menstruation these years but after treatment in this Clinic, menstruation occurred and in this April, she became a student of a computer business school.
(46-year-old woman, Fukuoka)
In addition to this patient, please refer to the witness by a 42-year-old woman which was also introduced in Chapter II, Section 1. Her witness read “Particular change 2 years after treatment was a disappearance of pigmented spot on my face. There were considerably dense pigmented spots on my both jugal bones but they gradually became aligatoring conditions and disappeared. The color became thinner as the whole, indicating future complete disappearance.” After treatment, sanctification of body fluid was observed as the effects.

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