Section 5-3. Optimization of bites generates supernatural “Qi (Special spirit according to the Oriental philosophy)

There is another interesting function of teeth. That is an occurrence of paranormally strong “Qi” from the living body when biting of all the teeth becomes optimal. Occurrence of the optimal chewing of all the teeth is really a rare phenomenon, which could be compared to the case in which after throwing 16 pieces of dice, all the dice show “1”. If such an optimal chewing is achieved, a bystander obtains a very strong improvement of the muscular strength. This is quite similar to the phenomenon observed in “Qigong practice”. When a person capable of emitting strong “Qi” sends his “Qi” to another person by projecting his palm to the receiver person, the receiver person showed remarkable elevation of the muscle power. If the optimization of chewing is achieved, the said person exerts a supernormal function despite having received special Qigong trainings. This means that the onset switch of supernormal “Qi” exists in teeth.
Most of our muscles are operated by a couple of “antagonistic muscles” located on both sides of joints. For example, biceps muscle of arm contributing to bending the elbow is located on the upper side of upper arm while triceps muscle of arm contributing to extend the elbow exists on the back side. Muscles are characteristic of either contracting or not contracting (relaxating) but have no properties of prolongation. Therefore, contraction of antagonistic muscles causes bending or stretching our arms.
Optimization of bites is associated with straightening of the vertebral bone, together with center-of-gravity line being placed through the center line. As the result, both shoulder joints and caudal joints take horizontal position to the ground surface. Under these situations, the heaviest head among the body components is just on the center-of-gravity line while all the weights of both arms and legs are well balanced on the vertebral bone, indicating that this situation provides less burden on the body. This is because the anti-gravity muscles bear less burdens and the electric balance of the antagonistic muscles is in good balance; furthermore, the skeletal muscles and smooth muscles in visceral organs are relaxed. The electric stimulation via A δnerve fibers from these muscle spindles becomes least stressed. Although the mechanism is still unknown, it is postulated that the discharge impulse of the whole body muscles, particularly the anti-gravity muscles becomes in series due to optimal bites, resulting in elevation of vital electric current strength centering on brain and stimulation of the biofield. Electric stimulation of such a biofield is associated with activation of visceral functions and brain, together with great contribution to enhancement of self-restoration by activation of life activities after injuries and surgical operations, as well as stimulation of cure and prevention of intractable diseases such as cancer by immune cells and activation of the functions. In children and juveniles, these effects can be utilized for improvement of cerebral functions and capability development. Endorphin, known as a pleasure hormone called as an intracerebral narcotics to be secreted from pituitary gland, is susceptible to be secreted. By slight perception during daily lives, this hormone is secreted, whereby we might send our happy lives. However, this is based on an intrinsic mechanism, indicating that this does not need any special apparatus nor exert any adverse reactions and of course, no expenditure is required for it.

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