Section 1-2. Teeth are our organs

I hurriedly wrote this article to Chapter 2 in one breath. In my research activities, whenever I opened a door, another door was awaiting me and I dashed with excitement on new questions. Any doors could not be opened easily. For example, the multi-variable analysis on saliva and blood pressure took me about 1 year during which I visited a large-scale computer center located in the campus of Kyushu University almost every day. It seemed to me that this research to scientifically prove the correlation between teeth and systemic functions would appear like an uncultivated dark jungle whereby I could not proceed easily. However, I stepped forward steadily.
When I stepped forward in a deep jungle, most of the observed facts could not be explained by the currently available medical paradigm but were conflicting mutually. How does the so-far existing definition about teeth “Functions of teeth exist on chewing foods as a part of digestive organs” permit us to explain the facts which were discovered in this jungle, such as “the correlation between teeth and salivary secretion” and “relationship between teeth and blood pressure”? Furthermore, the discovered facts tell us that individual tooth is responsible for the emitting function of the information to the brain individually. One of the followings might be wrong, either the existing medical paradigm that we were taught in the medical education curriculum, or the facts I discovered during my research. However, my research started from a simple question “Are teeth really necessary for maintenance of human health?” but not from an eye-catching research objective such as “To clarify the correlation between teeth and systemic functions”. While respecting each fact and recognizing my own limitation, I asked for advices and recommendations of specialists of other fields than dental research. During the research, I scientifically proved respective evidences and I reached this stage. Accordingly, there is no possibility that the research findings so far explained in this book would be mistakes.
As a natural consequence, the medical paradigm which was taught in my university days turns out to be wrong. If so, then another question comes to our minds, “What are teeth on the earth?”. I was quite at a loss at this stage. What’s worse, the existing medical paradigm does not work at all in this labyrinth although such a paradigm was used as a compass or the reliable chart. What shall I do? Another question came to my mind.
This puzzle was unexpectedly solved. One day, I had a chattering with an internist with whom I got acquainted in a hotel lounge-bar in front of Hakata Station in Fukuoka city. At that occasion, fortunately I had a slide shown in Figure 30 in my bag. Since I was always asking to myself “What are teeth?” in those days, I showed the slide to him just as a topic of conversation, while saying “I have some interesting data regarding teeth”. After looking the slide for a moment, he murmured a word “Oh, teeth are our organs”.
At that occasion, something sparkled in my head.“Oh, yes. Teeth are our organs!” I shouted with my fingers being closed into a fist.

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