Section 1-3. Dental heliocentric theory

Now looking back upon my previous days, I was firmly convinced of the existing conventional medical paradigm insisting “Teeth are one of digestive organs.” This firm image led me to a chaos in which I could not explain the obtained results with more advance of my study. During such confusion, I recognized suddenly that our evidence might be compared to a discovery about the heliocentric system proposed by Copernicus. In the 16th century when the geocentric theory prevailed in the world. However, Copernicus, resisting to be swept away by the common stereotype based on the common sense, piled up the data obtained by astronomical observations, whereby he faced discrepancy between these observation results and the paradigm derived from the geocentric theory. Eventually, the following question occurred to him, “Is the earth moving around the sun, instead of the sun moving around the earth?” and he carefully analyzed the obtained data about the astronomical movement. To his surprise, all the findings could be beautifully consistent without any discrepancy and then, the heliocentric system was accepted and propagated throughout the world.
The discovery of the “Teeth-organ theory” is a notification which topples down the conventional paradigm like the heliocentric theory. Yes, “Teeth are our organs”. This can be depicted as one word, “Hazo (Teeth-organ Theory)”. When I obtained this key word indicating a new dental paradigm, my “Hazo revolution” newly started. When I murmured this key word “Teeth are our organs”, a dark labyrinth was found to be an illusion and I found myself standing at a top of the glorious summit from where I could command a vast plane.

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