Section 2-2. “Hazo” controls our postures. Teeth are responsible for occurrence of low back pain and lateral curvature

Now, shall we confirm changes of the postures which are recovered by improvement of the teeth occlusion, and improvement of distorted sacrum and vertebral column? Figure 45 shows the Roentgenogram which verifies these facts. Changes of lumber vertebrae and sacrum before and after treatment are shown.
This patient, being diagnosed to have hernia, had so severe low back pain that he could not continue his works. Such pains could not be improved by mechanical traction treatment and manipulative treatment in a conventional orthopedic clinic. Accordingly, his dental occlusion was improved at our Dental office, leading to improvement of distortion of both lumber vertebrae and sacrum which were confirmed by roentgenogram. The long-lasting low back pain was also alleviated.
Already 6 years have passed since treatment but no relapse was observed. He was relieved from low back pain and has spent vivid daily life. As is obvious from this case, distortion of vertebral column was attributed to abnormal occlusion of teeth. Figure 46 shows the lateral roentgenographic findings of changes in cervical vertebra. This patient was suffering from headache, stiff shoulder and pains around neck; however, these symptoms were eliminated following dental treatment of abnormal occlusion while roentgenogram also confirmed improvement of distorted cervical vertebra.
In certain animal experiments conducted by other researchers, it was confirmed that induction of abnormal occlusion by extraction of one-sided teeth resulted in bending vertebral column of dogs. Thus, the correlation between teeth and postures was verified by animal experiments and X-ray studies on humans, suggesting that the real cause of distorted vertebral column was teeth. Once dental occlusion is distorted, the following subsequent symptoms occur such as distortion of sacrum bone, curvature of vertebral column, differences in lengths of bilateral legs and heights of bilateral shoulder, rolling and twist of the body, distortion of face and scull bone, unsymmetrical shape of face, leaning of head, lateral transition of the central axis and gravity center (Figure 47). Such distortions can be classified as shown in Figure 48, while the distorted patterns are caused by the combination of the three factors such as back-and-forth distortion, lateral distortion and rotation around the body axis. If there are any problems such as low back pain and knee pains in the lower half of the body, usually the type ○A distortion of vertebral column is observed.
These facts shall be confirmed through the letters from patients who completed dental treatment. The following letter was sent from a high-school student who suffered from lateral curvature for a long time. At his first consultation, his vertebral column showed lateral curvature, with one shoulder being abnormally lowered and the body being also leant.

Lateral curvature was pointed out at 5 years of age at the physical examination of a kindergarten. There were no subjective symptoms but my family felt some anxiety about its advance in parallel with my growth. A plastic surgery prepared the special brace and at the start of my elementary school day, I wore this brace for all the days except for gym classes. I spent constrained days.I was naturally athletic and enjoyed various sports. In particularly, I was absorbed in swimming. I received manipulative treatment concomitantly. During the manipulative treatment, I was told that application of any brace would not be good for children under growing stages and therefore, the brace was removed when I was a 4 grade elementary school boy. I started basketball for rehabilitation with objective to stretching my vertebral column. But, when I graduated the middle school, my height could not reach 170 cm (5.6 ft.). Fortunately, the angle of distortion did not advance whereas the heights of bilateral shoulders and the height of the blade bone with a stoop were different.When I was a high-school student, I knew Dr. Muratsu by introduction of my aunt.
Despite of various treatments available so far, my physical conditions could not be improved. Therefore, when I knew Dr. Muratsu, I already gave up the outcomes of his dental treatment because of my past failures. After the first treatment by Dr. Muratsu, my shoulder lines became the same bilaterally. Looking back upon the past manipulative treatments, the shoulder lines became flat but usually, the outcomes reverted to the basal conditions within 1 week and these patterns were repeated many times.One year has passed since I underwent Dr. Muratsu’s treatment. My shoulder line still remains the same bilaterally. I expected to have higher height by 10 cm if my distortion of my vertebral column is eliminated; however, I am already 17 years old, indicating that my growth period is almost around the final corner. I started to enjoy rugby when I was a high-school boy and my physical condition is well-muscled. If I met Dr. Muratsu 2~3 years before, I should have had higher height. Since Dr. Muratsu is conducting an epoch-making study and therefore, if my experience is propagated to other persons who are suffering from various diseases, I am quite sure that this will be good news to them. I really hope the future activities.
(A 17-year-old high-school student, Kumamoto)

For about 20 years, I was suffering from low back pain. However, thanks to dental treatment of abnormal occlusion, low back pains were eliminated. Thank you very much.KOS Muratsu Dental Clinic was introduced by one of my colleagues. I was really lucky. Although I received manipulative treatment and osteopathy, tentative cure was obtained but symptoms relapsed many times. I could not stand for a long time and I felt tiredness when I went out. I also was anxious about my old age, namely, what will happen if such a low back pain persists in future.Low back pain was alleviated while treatment of dental caries was completed. I appreciate
Dr. Muratsu and two colleagues. I wish to continuously receive the follow-up cares.(A 47-year-old man, Fukuoka city)

Before my dental treatment, I felt piecing pain on my right loin whenever I got up in the morning or when I stood up from a chair. After treatment of my abnormal occlusion and removal of the implanted foreign materials, such a pain completely disappeared.Before treatment, my friends told me that your right shoulder was lowered; however, after treatment, I was pointed out that my shoulder line was normalized. Previously, I could sleep only at a lateral posture but after dental treatment, I could sleep at a supine position. I fall asleep well and enjoy a sound sleep. After treatment, I felt that my body was relaxed.
(A 33-year-old woman, Munakata, Fukuoka Prefecture)

In the 17-year-old patient with lateral curvature who provided testimony, improvement was attained after 2 treatment of abnormal occlusion. Honestly speaking, the “aunt” in this letter is one of the staff members of KOS. She daily observed cures of various diseases such as distorted postures, low back pain and other systemic diseases by dental treatment. She hoped elimination of her nephew’s troubles and recommended him to receive dental treatments at KOS. As expected, her nephew’s troubles were completely cured. In these patients, their parents usually are so much concerned about their physical conditions and bring their children to plastic surgeries and big hospitals throughout the country but most of these visits were in vain. This is regarded as a blind spot of medicine. Actual causes of lateral curvature and distorted vertebral column exist on teeth. Accordingly, as far as improvement of abnormal occlusion as the real cause is achieved, lateral occlusion lasts for the remaining part of the patient’s life even if the posture is improved tentatively by manipulative treatment or traction. However, improvement of abnormal dental occlusion resulted in removal of the causes of such symptoms and therefore, symptoms could be eliminated within a short period of time. Correction of abnormality in dental fields promptly evolves into removal of long-lasting troubles; as a natural consequence, the subject patients are so much surprised.
Respective tooth exerts not only the tones associated with autonomic nervous system but also the tones affecting the physical postures. When these tones related to dental occlusion are in good harmony, well-balanced posture is produced to show no abnormal tensions. In sharp contrast, however, in case of distorted dental occlusion, confused tones travel throughout the body to induce the distorted postures and pains or various kinds of diseases and visceral disorders. Shall we further investigate why abnormal dental occlusion is so much associated with the physical postures and conditions of vertebral column?

Recovery of the distorted lumber vertebrae and sacrum after improvement of dental occlusion
Before treatment (Right), the roentgenogram showed distorted lumber vertebrae, with sacrum being inclined; however, after improvement of dental occlusion, the lumber vertebrae was straightened with the inclination of sacrum being alleviated.

Improvement of distorted cervical vertebra by dental treatment of abnormal occlusion
The roentgenogram (Right) before treatment showed abnormal curvature of cervical vertebra; however, after treatment of dental occlusion, it was recovered to the normal pattern.

Teeth were revealed as the major cause of distorted posture and spine
Mandibular joint, Sacroiliac jointAbnormal dental occlusion is associated with changes of the systemic postures including distortion of sacrum bone, curvature of vertebral column, differences in lengths of bilateral legs and heights of bilateral shoulder, lateral transition of the central axis and gravity center.

Classification of distorted postures
Which type of the postures do you have?The distorted patterns can be collated by the following factors such as back-and-forth distortion, lateral distortion and rotation around the body axis.

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