Section 1-7. Summary of autonomic nervous system of teeth

Now shall we collate the autonomic nerve functions of teeth which are considered to be one of the “Hazo (Teeth-organ)” functions?

1.Teeth emit information to autonomic nervous system.

2.Individual tooth exerts different autonomic nerve stimulation effect by each kind of tooth.

3.In particular, maxillary canine tooth, first bicuspid, submaxillary first bicuspid, third molar tooth show sympathetic nerve-like functions while maxillary first molar, submaxillary first, second molar teeth exhibit parasympathetic nerve-like functions.

4.The functions shown by maxillary and submaxillary second bicuspid and maxillary second molar teeth are unknown but there is a possibility to emit coordinating information such as reducing blood pressure and salivary secretion amount.

5.Teeth provide collaborative functions bilaterally. Once unilateral teeth are lost, information emitting function is greatly damaged.

6.Antagonistic information emitting ability by kinds of teeth might be associated with systemic homeostasis maintenance functions.
Figure 36 illustrates autonomic nervous functions by respective teeth.

The maxillary canine, first bicuspid and submaxillary first bicuspid tooth comprise the front triangle characteristic of stimulating sympathetic nerve system while the maxillary first molar, submaxillary first molar and second molar teeth comprise the posterior triangle characteristic of stimulating parasympathetic nerve system. Among these teeth, maxillary and submaxillary second bicuspid teeth and maxillary second molar teeth are located to coordinate the above-stated autonomic nerve stimulating teeth; furthermore, the submaxillary canine and third molar teeth supplement these functions.
Now that these “Hazo (Teeth-organ)” functions are proved by the study on their autonomic nerve functions, we anticipate that there might be other hidden functions in addition to autonomic nervous systems. One of them is the presence of “Hazo” functions which are evident from the view point of teeth occlusion. Shall we investigate them in the next Section in more details?
Upon closing this Section, I wish to verify the “Hazo” effects of teeth by referring to the testimony of a certain patient.

Before receiving dental treatments, some symptoms were perceived including
difficulty of bending my wrist and pains upon bending the wrist.
Gradually, unhealthy conditions are created. One day, I could not raise my right arm and I could not turn round my arm; subsequently, conditions were aggravated gradually. Low back pain was accompanied by pains or numb feeling of right hip joint, knee and ankle region. I rushed into a near-by orthopedic clinic.I could not sleep well at night. While lying down on my bed, I awoke and it was difficult to get up in the next morning. Some friends of mine told me “You are suffering from postmenopausal symptoms” and I agreed to them in a sense. Right shoulder stiffness was so serious that hard lump was palpable from the hind part of head to the neck. I also felt pains in the bottom of my right eye ball and I could not tolerate keeping my eye open. However, when I closed my eye, I suffered from dizziness. I was easily fatigued and I felt down on my bed around 3 P.M. because of my light-headedness. I was mentally depressed in the latter half of the last year.After treatment. This February, I underwent dental treatment. I could not forget the subsequent changes after treatment of abnormal occlusion and removal of metal implant. On that day, I had no pains on my low back while I was standing in a train for about 30 minutes. My right shoulder was felt light. Fatigue disappeared surprisingly. I had a regular bowel movement and intractable constipation disappeared. My body stiffness was eliminated. I could get up smoothly in the morning and I was so surprised to find no fatigued feeling. Low back pain was eliminated.
After dental treatment (improvement of abnormal occlusion and removal of metal implant), I shouted “I really recognized real healthy conditions now”.
Unbelievable alleviation was felt on these days. I really thank you, Dr. Muratsu, for your kindness.

(42-year-old woman, Fukuoka)

The following is the letter which was sent 2 years later from this woman.

When I revisited Dr. Muratsu’s clinic to receive check & care, I recognized that in the past one year, I had no experiences of impaired health conditions. Such a serious low back pain, stiff shoulder and the like completely disappeared. In particular, pigmented spot on my cheek was gradually disappeared. Its color is faded away. I was expecting complete elimination.After the initial treatment, symptoms were dramatically alleviated but almost one year was required to attain the stable conditions. Whenever any symptoms occurred, Dr. Muratsu examined them and
he kindly encouraged me. In the second year, my physical conditions were continuously improved.About 2 months before the present check & care, I perceived a little bit alteration of dental occlusion. Left jaw was unusual and pains were felt when I chewed food with left side teeth.
Gradually, I felt neck pain and stiff shoulder. Accordingly, I revisited Dr. Muratsu’s clinic this time. He told me “The supernatural “Qi (Special spirit according to the Oriental philosophy) has not operated” and treated me.
After treatment, upper and lower extremities became wormer. I was so much
surprised and recognized importance of teeth.

Figure 36
Distribution patterns of autonomic nervous functions by individual teeth

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