Section 2-1. “Hazo disease” changes the physical conditions into acidic constitution

Among many joints contained in our body, only sacroiliac joint and jaw joint possess bilateral joints across the median line of the body (Refer to Figure 47 on page 122). As already described in the First Part of this book, when we take a standing posture against the gravity and the atmospheric pressure, these two joints play a decisive role as the key point of all the muscles in the body including anti-gravity muscles because of them being located bilaterally across the median line. In particular, “jaw joint” is highly associated with muscles in the cephalocervical areas which support the heavy head. Dislike the sacroiliac joint of which movement is so limited, jaw joint is quite flexible in terms of its movement. Accordingly, whenever we perform various movements such as curving the body or bending the body back, it is anticipated that jaw joint plays a very important role as the “balancer” for the whole muscles in the body. The mutual correlation of chewing muscles and the muscles in cephalocervical areas with the whole body muscles working as one unified system is indicated by the following facts: According to the electromyographic studies so far conducted, simultaneous involuntary electric discharge occurs in skeletal muscles in various parts of the body and the tension of the whole skeletal muscles never fails to be increased, together with occurrence of electric discharge in extensor muscle of the forearm and calf muscles of legs which are located apart from teeth.Most of the muscles work by a pair of “antagonistic muscles” located bilaterally of the joint. For example, when we bend the elbow, biceps muscle of arm is located on the upper part of the arm but when we extend the elbow, the triceps muscle of arm is situated on the back side. Muscles cannot extend by themselves but all they can do is either to shrink or not to shrink (relax). Accordingly, contraction of one of the competitive two muscles is associated with bending or extending the arm eventually. When the dental bites are optimized, the spinal bone extends straight and the gravity line passes the center of the body axis, resulting in the shoulder joints of the upper trunk and the sacrum joints in the lower trunk become horizontal against the earth. In this case, the heaviest part of the body, namely the head is just on the gravity line of the body while weights of both arms and legs are well balanced on the spine as the supporting point, indicating that this situation provides less burden on the whole body. Under these situations, the load against anti-gravity muscles becomes the minimum, besides the skeletal muscles and visceral smooth muscles becoming relaxed without unnecessary tension. Of course, cellular activities in the muscles become the minimum.On the other hand, if any “Hazo diseases” such as distortion of the dental bites occur, excessively abnormal tension develops persistently on anti-gravity muscles. In parallel with such long-lasting muscle contraction, “stiffness” and “pains” are induced. In particular, the anti-gravity muscles responsible for maintaining the body posture contract in such a manner as “Isometric contraction” but at that occasion, the muscle length would not be shortened. Under this isometric contraction, the internal pressure of muscles is elevated thereby pressing small vessel to easily cause circulation failure, unlike “Isotonic contraction” characteristic of muscles repeating contraction and tension. When muscles contract, they physiologically consume oxygen continuously, perform metabolism and excrete the waste matters. During the course of repeated contraction and relaxation, enlargement of blood vessels during the relaxation period is responsible for discharge of the waste matters by blood, and then the blood brings in oxygen and nutrition anew to achieve refreshment of the tissues. However, if persisting contraction lasts excessively, the waste matters such as lactic acid accumulate in the disturbed blood flow, followed by further contraction of the muscles by these stimuli, leading to entering into a vicious cycle. Particularly, our “Head” as the main part for “Hazo” is the heaviest among any organs in the body, weighing about 4.5kg. So as to support this head, 7 kinds of muscles run from skull base to cervical vertebrae and thoracic vertebrae while 3 kinds of muscles run between cervical vertebrae and thoracic vertebrae. In quadrupedal animals, these muscles significantly develop whereas in humans, these muscles are degraded only to support the posture of the body. If a patient is affected by “Hazo diseases”, there is a trend toward occurrence of “muscle contractile pains” in head, neck and shoulder. In addition, tension of the muscles in cephalocervical areas including chewing muscles is associated with onset of simultaneous involuntary electric discharge in skeletal muscles in various parts of the body, followed by occurrence of tension increase in the whole skeletal muscles. Accordingly, abnormal tension of muscles associated with “Hazo diseases” induces increase in consumption amount of oxygen in the whole muscles, accumulation of the waste materials and subsequent blood flow failure. This lack of blood flow is aggravated by the contraction of blood vessel including the whole body capillary blood vessels, by secretion of “Cathecholamine” known as a hormone responsible for tension of sympathetic nerve associated with the above-stated stress reactions. The waste materials stocked in muscles are also released into the blood stream, whereby the blood becomes gradually turbid, acidified and reduces the functions of liver and kidneys. At such a situation, the systemic metabolism is reduced while the patient feels dull and fatigue. Gradually, the patient becomes susceptible to infections such as a common cold and have gloomy days. The patient has rough dry skin and unhealthy complexion while aging is accelerated. Shall we investigate the witness of patients related to such stress reactions.

I have hardly felt stiff shoulder. Sticky sensation of mouth was
removed. I can move lightly and quickly. I feel well.
Thank you very much. I wish to do my best to keep a positive attitude.
(A 54-year-old woman, Fukuoka)

Stiff neck was alleviated. Previously, due to stiff neck, I had
head-heaviness. After improvement of stiff neck, headache was
eliminated. Stiff shoulder was very serious in the past but currently,
occasionally I felt it.I had suffered from low back pain but now, I feel it
occasionally. The distortion was adjusted by this Clinic and I hope that
it can be maintained in future, too.Thanks to elimination of pains, I can go to
a cinema. I am so active these days.
(A 48-year-old woman, Fukuoka)

Before treatment, I had less concentration power and when I walked fast, my
ankles trembled. I had bad posture. When I studied for a couple of
hours, I felt stiff shoulder. Whenever I looked at TV screen, I got my
eyes strain. When I walked, gravity was centered on inside of my left
foot, whereby my shoes were distorted.Now after completion of treatment, I have
obtained concentration power. My spinal bone was stretched. My eyes
are less tired. I have no low back pain. Walking form was
(A 17-year-old male high school student, Noogata-city, Fukuoka)

On November 1998, my dental treatment started. When all the implanted
metals were removed, I felt as if my whole body was warmed together with
elimination of excessive strength from my body. Several days later, I
found that the previous pains around my right shoulder and neck were removed.My
husband was surprised to see that I did not press my vertex of the skull which
was my long-lasting habit. Subsequently, my teeth were filled with a new
implant whereby I felt as if new power was poured into my body. For the
past several years, I had heavy feeling around shoulder and neck, together with
jaw disorders which prevented me from yawning. Whenever my physical
condition was unfavorable, I was attached by an empty feeling.Even if I chew
foods firmly, I do not perceive a smarting pain of my teeth, without any pain at
the jaw. I recognized how influential the teeth are for our daily
lives. I understand how hard the patients with inappropriate artificial
teeth implanted are. I was informed that distortion of my posture would be
gradually improved following this dental treatment.Troubles of my jaw, heavy
feeling of my shoulder and neck were alleviated and I can fully open my
mouth. Because of input of much energy, I become very positive in my mind
and my anxiety about my body was eliminated. Thank you very much.
(A 34-year-old woman, Fukuoka)

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