Section 3-2. When you perceive difficult hearing, you must suspect “Hazo disease”

There are many cases who once despaired of improvement of gradually losing eye-sight due to aging but after “Hazo” treatment, their visual acuity was recovered, whereby they noted for the first time that weak visual acuity was not attributed to aging but to “Hazo diseases”. In the previous provisions of this book, I described the necessity to be careful about the preoccupied ideas on aging as one of the blind points in the medical common senses. In reality, a lot of people thought that abnormality associated with “Hazo diseases” was considered as the aging phenomena and despaired of alleviation. Abnormality in teeth is extended not only to visual abnormality but to a shocking auditory abnormality such as “Inability to hear”. The typical example was already shown in a woman immediately before wedding ceremony as the third example in the Second Part prologue of this book. This patient visited our Clinic after a long absence with complaint of pains in jaw and teeth. She presented lots of pimples on her face as adverse reactions attributable to large doses of steroid. Answering to my question, she told me about sudden deafness. Correction of her abnormal bites led to elimination of jaw pains while at the same time, I explained her about the possibility of improvement of sudden deafness and I asked her to visit the Clinic once again 1 week later. One week later, her deafness was completely cured. Of course, she could celebrate her wedding ceremony. Nevertheless, 1 month after her wedding, she revisited us, complaining of hearing difficulty once again. I adjusted her bites again. Two weeks later, I confirmed the outcomes of my treatment and her deafness was alleviated. It seems to us that teeth troubles are responsible for as one cause of sudden deafness. The witness of the next patient verifies this anticipation.

On April 18, I woke up with a crick in my neck to show inconvenience such
as inability to raise my arms due to pains in left neck, shoulder, and low
back. In the morning of April 19, my left ear could not hear any sound
while I felt as if I was staying at a high altitude. When I visited an
ear, nose and throat Department where I was diagnosed to have “Sudden
deafness”. I was told that this might be caused by mental stress
(just after job transfer) and the physician prescribed a steroid for a couple of
days although he recommended hospitalization treatment. Ear blocked
sensation became alleviated but I still had difficulty in hearing. I was
finally requested to receive treatments under hospitalization. On April
23, I visited Kyushu Koseinenkin Hospital. After examination, I decided to
be hospitalized.On April 24, I made a phone to Dr. Muratsu so as to inform him
of my canceling the appointment. He asked me to come to his Clinic
promptly. However, since I was very tired, I rejected his
recommendation. Dr. Muratsu said “Prior to sudden deafness, I believe you
had some pains” which reminded me of the previous day when I woke up with a
crick in my neck. I was reluctant to visit his Clinic because of my
tiredness but I was very surprised to hear “Your ‘qi’ is distorted”. I
could not help but visit Dr. Muratsu’s Clinic. While driving a car to his
Clinic, the car radio was offensive to my left ear (sounds like a whistle) or
ear ringing was heard.I received treatment for abnormal bites but immediately
after the treatment, I was hardly anxious about ear ringing and talks of nurses
could be heard with my left ear. I had sense of fulfillment. I am
not sure whether I shall be hospitalized or not but if I will be in hospital,
there might be no serious problems. When I was told of “sudden deafness”,
I was full of anxiety but I am confident. Thank you very much.
(A 43-year-old woman, Okagaki-cho, Fukuoka)

Her symptoms have been completely eliminated and she is quite well.I have heard that some patients lost hearing ability induced by sudden deafness. I am afraid that relatively longer period of time will be necessary before correction of the medical blind points. Until that time, you must receive correct information and conduct self-protection for your family. It is too late if symptoms are left untreated and you suffer from complete deafness.

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