Section 2-4. What will happen if “Hazo” parts are installed in a computer?

From the view point of a new concept such as “Hazo disease”, shall we investigate the current medical situations by comparing them to a computer. If we try to discuss it directly, the available concept which has been already input as the common sense in our brain prevents a new way of thinking; however, if we compare it to alternatives, it permits us to make judgment objectively, leading to our notification of its discrepancy and blind points.Thanks to electronic advance in computers, they are not fragile if we handle them carefully. However, if we wrongly treat the software (conscience) installed in a hard disc (heart), the installed system will be destroyed. Alternatively, if we install a fragile part corresponding to “Hazo” in humans to a computer, we are afraid that the system would be disordered easily, becoming out of order. The problem is that even though the trouble is attributed to abnormality of the “Hazo” parts, abnormality manifested in the whole system superficially or abnormality in other parts serially correlated to the “Hazo” parts. If we ask the distributor (Medical institutions) of the computer to repair it, the engineers in the distributor would not try to investigate all the mechanism because the “Hazo” parts are described as only an attachment not associated with the whole system in the guide book for repair of the computer. The distributor might say “Thorough checks of the inside mechanics showed no disorder inside the system. Probably, your way of handling was wrong”(mental diseases, life-style diseases) or “Disorder was attributable to long-term hard use of this computer”(post-menopausal diseases, stiff shoulder due to age, smptom of aging). Nevertheless, once the customer wish to use it, the cursor would not move or the display has some shadow on it, and the speed of operation becomes slower, indicating frequent disorders (headache, stiff shoulder, and indefinite complaints like numbness). We can use it but it does not work well (stress, autonomic nerve disorder). Frequently, system-down occurs (hard to hear, hard to see, various diseases including asthma, confound to bed, refusal to attend school in children). Due to such a system-down, the patients usually have irritation, anxiety or less concentration, indicating that hard discs become out of order (psychological disorder such as depression). Since the auto-repairing function installed in the system are simultaneously lowered, the patients are vulnerable to virus infection from the outside (infections such as a common cold and hepatitis) or abnormal malignant neoplasm (malignant neoplasm such as cancer) and become susceptible to onset of them (Reduction of immune function due to persisting stress).If the patients use the “Hazo” parts following disregarding abnormality of them, the existing abnormality becomes more serious to induce dysfunction in other parts, leading to thorough investigation and repair by the manufacturer (treatment after hospitalization). If the patients recognize abnormality of “Hazo” parts and receive repair, the dysfunctioned parts could be automatically recovered by the recovery system which is already installed in the hard disk. However, treatment of other parts (surgery and administration of drugs) injures other parts without recognition although only the “Hazo” parts are damaged. Sometimes, the whole system will become out of order (iatrogenic disease). Finally, the parts themselves do not work at all, requiring replacement of the whole parts (renal dialysis and organ transplantation). In some cases, despite the “Hazo” functions being recovered, the whole system cannot be reverted to the original conditions. Even if abnormality of the “Hazo” parts is fortunately notified at the early stages and consultation is made to the repair shop for the dental parts (dental clinic), surface abnormality (Dental caries treatment following disregarding dental bites from the view point of the whole body abnormality) by means of using incompatible materials without paying attention to electric compatibility (compatibility to organs) is repaired. One glance of such a treatment provides an impression as if all the disorders are repaired; however, the whole system cannot work well or in some cases, more serious abnormality is induced by such a treatment.As described above, comparison of the teeth to computers might allow us to objectively understand the positioning of “Hazo diseases” in the whole body without disturbances by common sense. However, there might be some more persons who can understand the meanings but cannot accept them smoothly. It is quite natural because the “Hazo” theory is beyond the conventional medical paradigm. For your better understanding, shall we review the witness from the patients about “Hazo diseases” further.

Soon after dental prosthesis for the front tooth was implanted by a near-by
dental office, I felt dull pains from the occipital area to neck, together with
nausea; accordingly, I visited that dentist several times but he said that
implantation was successful. While I was suffering from disorders day by
day, I was introduced by one of my friends to Dr. Muratsu. I promptly
visited Dr. Muratsu’s Dental Clinic. After I received treatment of
abnormal dental bites, pains promptly disappeared and I could not believe it.
Thereafter, I underwent treatments for dental caries and I recognized that
long-lasting stiff shoulder and low back pain were alleviated. I
really thank you very much for Dr. Muratsu’s treatment.
(A 56-year-old woman, Onga-gun, Fukuoka prefecture)

This patient occasionally had nausea due to pains. As stated above, “Teeth are connected with our lives” and teeth are our organs which are associated with our central functions in our lives. Therefore, if we have no such a recognition and teeth are superficially treated, patients would suffer from these kinds of disorders. However, if “Hazo diseases” are completely cured, “Long-lasting stiff shoulder and low back pain will be alleviated instead”. In teeth, both devils and angels live. Please be careful not to call for devils.

I started playing baseball when I was a fourth grade student of a primary
school. Since last February, I felt pains on my right elbow and right
shoulder. I could not pitch a ball as a pitcher and eventually, my
position was changed to a catcher. However, my elbow pain remained as it
was. At that time, I thought that this was a mere muscle pain and this would be
cured without any treatment. But, during the period when we did not play
baseball, my pain persisted and I recognized that something happened.I visited
Dr. Y of Saga prefectural hospital and he told me that your dental bites were
abnormal; therefore, I was recommended to receive treatment. He introduced
me to Dr. Muratsu.At the first treatment, pains on my right shoulder and right
elbow were somewhat improved. I am now playing a baseball as a
(A mother of a 12-year-old boy, Saga city, Saga prefecture)

This boy visited our Clinic through introduction by a physician but he was really lucky because the doctor who initially examined this boy was exallent. Although the elbow is located away from teeth, the actual cause existed in “Hazo”. In the above, I dared to mention “Hazo” but if he had received dental examinations based on the old classical paradigm which ruled out the correlation between teeth and our lives, probably the actual causes could not be disclosed because no abnormalities would superficially exist in his teeth. “Hazo” tests from the view point of oral internal medicine would contribute to clarification of the correlation between abnormal dental bites and abnormality in elbow for the first time. As described in his mother’s note, the elbow abnormality has been completely cured and he is now playing baseball as a pitcher.There are some other boys who also visited our Clinic while they played a pitcher in the baseball but due to severe pains in their elbows, they could not throw a ball. Their mothers happened to be the patients of our KOS Muratsu Dental Clinic, whereby they recognized the relationship between teeth and the whole body and they visited us to receive my examinations. Since oral internal medicine tests revealed abnormal “Hazo”, I promptly started treatment. In the similar manners as the previous boy, the initial treatment eliminated the pain and he could throw a ball. In the latter boy, he had an abnormal dental occlusion and accordingly, he is now undergoing radical orthodontic practices. When symptoms appeared, he was reported to visit an orthopedic surgery clinic initially. In that clinic, the boy was asked to quit a baseball play as the doctor stop; therefore, when pain was removed together with complete cure of the elbow, he was so delighted. He is now playing baseball as a pitcher. The ball velocity becomes faster than before.Since the boys’ baseball is very active in Japan, there might be lots of examples like these two boys. Due to intractable elbow pains, many pitchers gave up playing baseball as pitchers in Japan. Elbow troubles prevent these boys from enjoying other sports. If they knew “Hazo”, they could have become famous pitchers. Like elbow troubles, there are lots of boys who have troubles in their knees. Knee troubles are more serious compared with elbow disorders.

Before visiting Dr. Muratsu’s Dental Clinic, I had knee pains since my
junior high school days and it was difficult to walk up stairs. I felt
depressed when I must join a marathon or a basket ball game as a physical
education. In addition, rough dry skin of arms, legs and face manifested
suddenly, whereby I hated the summer season when I must wear shirts with half
sleeves. After receiving treatment in this Clinic, I recognized light
feeling of my knee and I could easily walk up stairs. On my way home on
that day, I could walk back to my house within 15 minutes although usually, it
took more than 20 minutes on foot. One month after dental treatment, my
rough dry skin was eliminated.Despite having heard the patients whose symptoms
were alleviated, I could not believe in them, honestly speaking. However,
since I experienced unbelievable cures following treatments, I thought that my
mother’s talk was true. I thought that I should have visited this Dental
Clinic earlier. Now, I can enjoy a physical education and I can also walk to a
remote place. I think that I have been more active. In any events, I am
very pleased that rough dry skin is improved. I wish to let other patients
know that various diseases can be cured by treatment at this Dental Clinic.Thank
you very much.
(A 18-year-old woman, Fukuoka)

If this patient would not have received oral internal medicine treatment at KOS without recognition of “Hazo disease”, her knee pains would not be cured for her long life, together with retention of fluid in her knees, whereby there is a possibility that her symptoms would be more aggravated. Physical disorders are usually associated with loss of confidence or passive stance, leading to quite a different prognosis. At the age of 18 years, she recognized “Hazo diseases” and they could be improved, indicating that she was really lucky. This patient was also pleased to have her rough dry skin improved.In another patient, his father received dental treatments at KOS and long-lasting low back pain was eliminated. This father brought his eldest son and eldest daughter to KOS for treatment of low back pain. Both of them had good physical constitution; however, the eldest son already received surgeries twice for his knees. Instead of treatment, his pains still persisted. During his university days, he was a promising rugby player but due to knee trouble, he discontinued his playing rugby. Of course, both of them were suffering from “Hazo diseases” which manifested in knee troubles. Within one day after commencement of the treatment, pains disappeared; after several treatments, they had complete cures. Currently, the eldest son is working for a company in Osaka. Several days ago when he returned to his home, he visited our Clinic for follow-up and he found no relapse of knee pains. He also had a complete cure of knees at early ages and regained healthy body. If he would have recognized “Hazo diseases” much earlier and received treatment, he could become a star player in rugby fields. Given these examples, I really hope that early recognition of “Hazo” propagates extensively and the new medical paradigm would become widespread.

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