Section 2-2. “Hazo disease” can be featured as hidden abnormality in teeth

As everything has both front part and back area, teeth also possess the front and the hidden functions. The front function of teeth is to eat food, to talk and to provide aesthetic features. Although the back function cannot be seen from outside, it affects the whole body via the brain as the sensory body or the organ. In parallel with reduction of the back function of “Hazo”, employment of inappropriate metals which are implanted to repair “Hazo” disorders such as dental caries aggravates them and also induces the systemic symptoms as adverse reactions.Accordingly, abnormality of “Hazo” which is caused by loss of teeth, distorted bites and usage of inappropriate metals causes not only stress reactions but also disorder of autonomic nerve, abnormality of endocrine, systemic disorder and reduction of functions including distortion of pelvis, spine and posture, as well as abnormality of electrical biofields and biological wave propagation.As the result, the following systemic pains or somatic symptoms occur such as headache, stiff shoulder, back pain, low back pain, hip pain, gonalgia, numb of arms and limbs, inability to raise arms, tinnitus, menstrual pain, insomnia, dizziness, cold sensation of limbs, twitch of eyelids, lightheadedness, inability to walk straight, losing strength of fingers, bad memory, menstrual problem, inability of hearing, difficulty to see, no taste, and nasal stuffiness. In addition, the following psychological symptoms also occur: discomfort, tiredness, lowered concentration power, irritation, anxiety and too frequent dreaming. When abnormality is deteriorated, the following disorders are induced : asthma, arrhythmia, angina pectoris, gastrointestinal disorders, nephropathy, and ureteral stone as visceral disorders; allergic diseases such as atopic dermatitis and pollenosis; and depression and neurosis as mental disorders. Furthermore, following complication with stress reactions, reduction of vital functions such as fundamental immunological functions and natural healing ability leads to onset of three major lifestyle-related diseases including cancer, stroke and cardiac diseases. We must keep in our mind the fact that in the presence of abnormality of cerebral functions due to stress reactions and implantation of inappropriate metals in teeth, there might be a possibility to induce onset of abnormal behaviors such as refusal to attend classes, delinquency and violent crimes. On the other hand, when “Hazo functions” are augmented, extreme “qui” is produced from our body which is rarely observed in our daily lives. Coupled with improvement of psychosomatic ability, the elevated “qui” is associated with success and extreme happiness of mind. Given the fact that teeth are not only our organs but also the starting point or the central point for the whole organs in the body, it is reasonable to find that their abnormality is closely involved in abnormal behaviors of humans and happy feeling of our life, indicating that teeth play a role as the great power behind the scenes.“Hazo diseases” are induced by abnormality of the great power behind the scenes related to psychosomatic functions. Previously, when it comes to oral diseases, we only talk about surgical and exterior abnorlities such as dental caries, periodontal infection or jaw joint disease and mucous membrane diseases. However, as described in details above, lots of witnesses clarified that abnormality of teeth should be recognized from the view point of oral internal medicine, in relation to the whole body functions. Unless otherwise, we cannot understand the systemic abnormality attributed to the real roles of teeth and therefore, we cannot cope with them properly.Recently, we occasionally hear the words such as “the third disease: jaw joint disease” and “bite-related syndromes” concerning the systemic symptoms attributed to dental bites. If we take into consideration involvement of incompatible metals, the above words still remain to be limited partial concept, indicating that they do not imply the whole current features of the systemic abnormality attributable to teeth. Therefore, I have decided to use the more universal terminology “Hazo diseases” instead. Such efforts to sufficiently recognize the whole features are extremely important to normalize the life central functions by complete removal of the causes, and to achieve real health and complete recovery from the relevant diseases. In terms of pointing out the blind points of the current medicine and the view point of prophylactic medicine, they are also important. The alleviation process of atopic dermatitis described in the following witness from a certain patient discloses necessity of grasping the whole aspects of “Hazo disease”.

I was suffering from atopy since my childhood. Despite of various
treatments, most of them were ineffective. In those days, my mother read
an article in the newspaper saying that implanted metals were toxic to human
bodies. Therefore, I received dental treatments including replacement of
metals with other materials and correction of abnormal dental bites.Several days
after completion of the treatments, I felt less itchy sensation on my skin;
however, several months later, it was deteriorated gradually. I revisited
Dr. Muratsu’s Clinic. He told me that dental bites were a little bit
shifted and my bites were corrected. When I returned to my home on that
day, I recognized some improvement and in reality, my atopic skin was
alleviated.Any treatments repeated aggravation or improvement whereby
continuation of them was very difficult. I was also concerned about the
future outcomes because of difficult understanding of the processes.
However, I was surprised that dental treatments showed prompt physical
responses. Initially, I was wondering what kinds of correlation exist
between teeth and skin but I could believe in it based on my actual
experiences. In future, I wish to visit the Clinic for regular follow-up
of dental bites to be liberated from atopy.Thank you very much.
(A 22-year-old man, Yame city)

As did other patients, this patient underwent not only usual dermatological treatments but also various therapies for improvement of atopic symptoms before visiting KOS. Although I referred to in the previous Section, alleviation of atopic dermatitis needs improvement of dental bites in addition to removal of artificial materials such as incompatible metals from the body, as this witness described.As is the similar with collagen diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, atopic diseases are associated with abnormality of autoimmune. Autoimmune is designated as the condition in which occurrence of some abnormal mechanism in immune systems induces immunological attacks to normal cells of the host, although immune system would not attack normal cells in usual conditions. It would appear likely that not only the foreign materials probably involved in onset of abnormal immunity but also changes in disordered cerebral functions associated with distorted dental bites would cause the “some abnormal mechanisms”. If we look at the correlation with oral foreign substances superficially, we would lose sight of the actual situations and cannot cure diseases in patients, rather than leading to the wrong conclusion that teeth are implicated in these cases. Because of such backgrounds, it is conceivable that removal of oral metals was not associated with improvement of atopic dermatitis, and furthermore, important relationships with teeth had been overlooked in the conventional medical societies. If we comprehensively treat them as “Hazo diseases”, there is a possibility that most of these physical abnormality is related to teeth. Selfimmune diseases including atopy are designated as the ones which are suffered by patients throughout their lives; what’s worse, the number of affected patients is quite a few and there is observed an increasing trend of its morbidity. Accordingly, we must deeply pursue them in future. The following witnesses come from patients with bronchial asthma.

My daughter, Mio, was blessed with good health during her infantile period.
However, she was hospitalized in the winter because of pneumonia at 2 years of
age and then, she was suffering from bronchial asthma. During the winter
season, she was susceptible to catching a common cold and when she caught cold,
she developed a severe cough and seemed to be hard to breathe. In the
periods between different seasons and in the changeable seasons of weather, she
was vulnerable to asthma. In particular, asthma onset is frequently
observed at nights and I often brought her to an emergency hospital with my car.
When she was wheezing at a lying posture at night, she could not help but sit up
straight because of tolerating severe wheezing. At her age of 8 years old,
her grand-ma heard a rumor that improvement of dental bites was associated with
cure of various diseases. Mio received examination at the Muratsu Dental
Clinic in Fukuoka during the summer vacation. I could not completely
believe in Dr. Muratsu’s explanation saying that treatment of abnormal dental
bites cures bronchial asthma; however, after treatment, asthma attacks have not
occurred since then.Since the treatment in August, her physical condition was
well but around November, she was again attacked by asthma and she revisited the
Clinic. Dr. Muratsu told me that the dental bites were somewhat distorted,
and after treatment, her physical condition was recovered.In this July, she
received the treatment in which her back molar was filled with sealant but again
at a near-by dental clinic (Kanagawa Prefecture), asthmatic attack
occurred. I thought that the dental bites were disordered and she
revisited the Clinic.
(A mother of a 9-year-old girl, Kanagawa)

As of today, she revisited for follow-up but there is no relapse of asthma. There are lots of cases who recovered from asthma. Among them, I wish to introduce one adult case.

For more than one year, I was easily fatigued. I was susceptible to
catching a common cold, together with onset of allergic bronchitis and asthmatic
attacks. After treatment for dental bites, the dose of bronchodilators was
gradually reduced and currently, without medication, I had only slight
attack. Tiredness was reduced and I was very eager to work.
(A 47-year-old woman, Tagawa, Fukuoka)

As regards asthma, 6 cases out of 10 cases, namely 60 % of them, were alleviated by “Hazo treatment”. It is really our surprise that “Hazo diseases” are involved in even bronchial asthma.

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