Section 2-3. Diseases of teeth can be compared to an iceberg

For your better understanding about “Hazo disease”, I wish to compare the difference between the conventional teeth diseases and “Hazo diseases” to an iceberg which is very famous through a movie “Titanic” because the concept of “Hazo diseases” exceeds the conventional common sense. On the surface of the sea, only a small ice block appears as the superficial dental local abnormality; however, if we carefully investigate it, we can find dental oral internal medicine abnormality underneath which corresponds to more than ten times bigger ice block; furthermore, such a hidden part induces the systemic abnormality. If the iceberg had been one piece of ice block on the surface of the sea, Titanic could have pushed ahead. However, competition with a huge volume of the hidden iceberg had to result in sinking at a moment. In such a manner, the most horrific in this world is the hidden key figure. Titanic could be considered to be beaten by the ice block under the sea. The same is true with human beings. Although the apparent abnormality in the mouth would not appear abnormal but seem to be healthy, it becomes a dreadful cause to destroy human beings if it remains to be untreated. When we look at the iceberg far away, we cannot see the ice block under the sea. Since abnormality in dental and dental internal medicine has been an blind point under the conventional medicine, any preparations for proper inclusive terminology were not made.

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