Section 4-2. Both grinding of teeth and clenched teeth are signs indicating “Hazo disease”

Abnormality in local areas in oral cavity due to abnormal bites includes bad habits such as teeth grinding and excessive bites. There are other symptoms such as pains like dental caries upon biting with back teeth, swelling of gums or loose teeth, and in some cases, distorted front teeth alignment.Teeth grinding is considered as one of self-defense reactions to adjust unconsciously and reflexively the bites of teeth. In other words, by grinding the own teeth resulting in wearing out the teeth, we try to change the bites of teeth to normalize our own chewing and systemic functions. However, simple grinding of teeth cannot modify the bites to appropriate ones. In spite of initial intention, teeth in question fluctuate or abnormal wearing out of the teeth occurs. In such cases, pathological contact between the upper and the lower teeth is artificially worn by dental treatments or sometimes, incompatible metals are removed, whereby teeth grinding can be improved. According to the recent collation by KOS, our treatments successfully cured teeth grinding in 32 cases out of 33 patients (almost 100%), and clenched teeth in 34 cases out of 41 patients (83%).

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