Section 3-3. What’s happened? My taste was lost. Is it also caused by “Hazo disease”?

The next case is a patient who lost taste. This also derives from “Hazo diseases”.

Since June 10, I lost my taste. I did not care about it. When I took
hot foods, my tongue was too much sensitive to such itchy sensation.Around June
20, I visited a near-by internal medicine clinic where I was diagnosed to suffer
from “Vitamin B2 deficiency and sleep deficit”. I was dispensed a drug and
I applied a topical medicine for stomatitis to my tongue. The stomatitis
drug was purchased at a drug-store.Around June 25, symptoms were not so
deteriorated and I did not care about weak numb feeling of my tongue. One
month passed under such situations.On July 27, I had some doubt that I should
have visited a dermatologist and I consulted with Dr. Muratsu on my way from my
business trip.On July 29, I was diagnosed to have “abnormal bites of teeth” by
Dr. Muratsu and received his treatments. My tongue numbness was almost
cured. Dr. Muratsu told me “You do not need to be nervous about reddish
color on your tongue side”. I was secretly scared about dermatological
diseases and metal allergy but I was relieved to know abnormal bites of teeth.On
August 7, I revisited the Clinic. Now, I can enjoy natural tastes of foods
and very well.In future, I am scheduled to receive once-a-month care to adjust
my physical balance. I recognized the importance of “Prophylactic daily
cares”.Thank you very much.
(A 44-year-old woman, Fukuoka)

She is a primary school teacher and she is still working at a school without ay relapse. It seems to me that the onset of these symptoms might be induced by stress in a school; however, latent preclinical conditions associated with abnormal bites were triggered by the stress to cause taste disorder.According to recent news papers, it is heralded that due to confusion in schools, mental stresses of teachers are significantly increased, leading to occurrence of mental diseases of them. Although such abnormal events are triggered by environmental stresses in schools, there exist latent physical conditions associated with “Hazo” abnormality as the hidden backgrounds evolving into such mental collapse. They are greatly affected by not only biting problems but also presence of incompatible metals implanted in teeth.In other words, excessive internal stresses are continuously accumulated by “Hazo diseases” and on top of it, bigger outer stresses are loaded, resulting in inability to tolerate them and falling into panic due to collapse of cerebral functions. Provided that “Hazo diseases” had been preventively improved and internal stress had not been persistently loaded onto the brain, she would not suffer from mental collapse. In reality, a certain school teacher visits our Clinic with complaints of similar symptoms but in parallel with “Hazo” treatments, internal stresses were eliminated together with recovery of the cerebral functions to the normal levels, leading to return to work in the school.There are lots of similar clinical cases but I wish to refrain from repeated introduction of them. You are kindly asked to understand the fact that I am insisting “Teeth causes lots of diseases” based on my daily clinical proves, instead of referring to hollow theory or mere idea.

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