Section 4-1. Jaw arthritis is caused by abnormal bites of teeth.

With abnormal bites of teeth, stiff shoulder and indefinite complaints indicative of latent vulnerability to diseases, as well as obvious systemic diseases occur. As the local symptoms, abnormality in mandibular joint or abnormal habits such as grinding of teeth is sometimes observed. They are also one type of “Hazo diseases” as the precursory phenomena for serious systemic symptoms. The symptoms in mild cases include sounding of mandibular joints when opening our mouth widely or inability to open mouth widely. Once being aggravated, big sound like “Goki” in mandibular joint can be heard which is noticed by a near-by person. In other cases, mouth cannot be opened widely or dislocation of mandibular joint sometimes occurs. Incidentally, patients perceived pains or dullness from submandibular areas to throat when they had meals. All of them are considered to be the relevant responses of our bodies indicating warning of shift of bites of teeth. However, even if some shifts of bites exist, this is not necessarily associated with onset of abnormality in mandibular joints. When abnormal bites of front teeth, canine and the first bicuspid occur, for example, abnormality in strong suppression of submandibular teeth to the backwards due to torsional deformity of mandibular teeth together with elevated back teeth, abnormalities such as sounds or pains in mandibular joints are observed. If you feel tiredness of jaw when you bite foods, there is a problem in height of bites of teeth. Particularly, we must be careful about the height of bites of the second bicuspid. Jaw arthritis can be promptly cured immediately after adjustment of bites. However, if abnormal occlusion presenting extreme shift of the tooth axis, and total inclination of mandibular teeth toward tongue side (narrow arch) are observed, correction of teeth alignment is required, indicating longer period of time. In case of a partial abnormal occlusion such as only one tooth being inclined or rotated, it is recommended to correct such abnormality actively because they play a role as the cause of continuous shift of bites of teeth, resulting in onset of serious systemic symptoms in future. Now shall we review the witness of patients?

Since 1993, I noticed sounding of mandibular joints like “Gaku Gaku”;
subsequently, systemic symptoms such as stiff shoulder, neck stiffness, insomnia
and irritation were aggravated gradually. In a certain University
hospital, I was diagnosed to have jaw arthritis and received treatments;
however, no improvement was attained. Although I visited a near-by dental
clinic, I was informed that bites of teeth had no problems. While I was
looking for a proper dental clinic where bites of teeth would be
investigated. Muratsu Dental Clinic was introduced by a friend of my
mother. All of metals implanted in teeth were removed, together with
treatment of “Hazo diseases” like abnormal bites. As the results, all the
previous symptoms were eliminated and I felt quite well. In 1998, I
started dental treatments and I recognized that symptoms were alleviated
whenever I visited the Clinic. I wish to take enough care for the treated
teeth.Dr. Muratsu and staff members, I appreciate your kindness. Thank you
very much.
(A 30-year-old woman, Fukuoka)

Previously, I could hear joint sounds when I tried to open my mouth;
furthermore, I could not open my mouth widely because of jaw arthritis but
currently, I can do that completely. I was susceptible to stiff shoulder
and my concentration was missing. I was frequently irritating. I
could not get motivated. I felt as if my rib bones were ached. I had
tinnitus on my right ear due to Meniere's syndrome. I left things unfinished.One
week after implantation of a plate, my stiff shoulder was alleviated and my
irritation was lessened. During the third semester of my third grade high
school days, I refused to go to school but I was gradually motivated to go to
school. I found myself playing outside of a house.
(A 17-year-old high school girl student, Kaho-gun,

As shown in these cases, jaw arthritis can be cured within short period of time following improvement of abnormal bites of teeth. Even in the cases who complain of easy dislocation of jaw and difficulty of opening mouth, correction of the biting position is naturally associated with correct location of the submandibular joint, and coordinated natural movement of bilateral chewing muscles and mouth-opening route known as physiological customary aperture route, leading to no susceptibility to dislocation of jaw. In addition, mouth can be easily and naturally opened. In talking of boxers, those boxers with weak jaw are sometimes called as the boxer with “fragile glass-made jaw”; however, once abnormal bites are corrected based on “Hazo disease” checks, those boxers can overcome their lethal weak points, resulting in performing boxing thoroughly to become famous boxers.It was already mentioned that biting plays a significant role in improvement of both brain and systemic functions. However, if any abnormality exists in mandibular joints, good bites cannot be expected, indicating that they would be rough. It is problematic if a French roll is too hard for you to chew. Difficulty in chewing sounds like a temporary inconvenience during a dinner and eventually, it seems to be a minute inconvenience. However, it surely implies latent abnormality or diseases in the body and sometime in future, they surely are hatched. In such occasions, we must accept such a warning with sincerity by understanding that mental and physical responses provide us with warnings. Teeth and digestive organs are essential for health. Abnormality of such a key point easily leads to abnormality of our systemic functions. We sincerely hope that following removing latent preclinical conditions due to “Hazo diseases”, we must enjoy meals under relaxed conditions. Healthy conditions of our mouth can be obtained within short period of time if appropriate measures are taken. If you are concerned about teeth, are patient or are accustomed to such unsatisfactory conditions, you are recommended to improve such an abnormality promptly.Satisfactory bites play a key role in maintaining our health. Swallowing foods without chewing is observed also in reptiles, indicating that such behaviors are indicative of regression from mammalians which are classified as animals with chewing capability supported by periodontal membrane as a sensory organ and bunodont teeth. We are afraid that cerebral functions might be also regressed. Be careful.

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