Section 1-1. From the summit of the new paradigm, we can see lots of views

One important comment “Doctor, I can bite anything!” raised a question in my mind. Thereafter, based on my pursuing the key through uncultivated jungles, I have finally reached the top of the mountain, which indicates the dawn of a new medical paradigm “Teeth are our organs.” It is postulated that such an achievement means another journey to find out the summit of next evolution.
A view of the conventional paradigm from the top of the new paradigm clearly reveals wrong common sense which disturbs our vital activities of human beings and also another new possibility.
One of these misunderstandings is the possibility of re-implantation of teeth (Figures V and VI) and another one is the issue related to organ incompatibility of dental materials including inappropriate foreign materials which are implanted onto the dental gums (Please refer to Figures II and III).
In this Chapter III, I wish to talk about the possibility of re-implantation of teeth.

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