Section 2-2. Threats arising from Galvanic dry cell erosion and atopic dermatitis

Incompatible foreign materials which were implanted to teeth provide bad influences on our living bodies in varieties of patterns. One of them is Macro-Galvanic dry cell erosion (Literature 36). When different kinds of metals are placed in the oral cavity, electric circuit is generated among metals with use of saliva as the electrolyte and electric current is produced. In such a situation, the electrically more unstable metal works as a negative electrode and this metal is oxidized by emitting electron, resulting in the metal ion being dissolved into the electrolyte. Even in case of single metal, the mucosal membrane of the oral cavity becomes the positive electrode if this metal is incompatible; as the result, the equivalent or stronger electromotive force is generated compared with those by combination of different metals whereby metal ions are eliminated.
Among various kinds of metals, gold and titanium are the most stable metals which become always the positive electrodes irrespective of using various kinds of foods, tap water and saliva as the electrolytes. Paradium alloy, silver alloy and amalgam are negative electrodes to form the electric circuit, evolving in elimination of metal ions.  Such dissolved ions are incorporated into the body and bound with skin and proteins in visceral organs, followed by being accumulated therein. When these accumulated metal ions reach the threshold levels, abnormal immunological reactions occur to induce lichen planus, palmoplantar pustulosis, eczema and atopic dermatosis-like symptoms in oral mucous membrane and body surface (Figure IV). It looks likely that these metal ions might be associated with onset of other allergic diseases such as nasal inflammation, pollen allergy and bronchitis, as well as auto immune diseases including chronic rheumatoid arthritis.
Among the dissolved metal ions, mercury is very toxic, as you know well. Therefore, amalgam using mercury as the main raw material should not be used for treatment of teeth. If you underwent treatments of dental caries during your childhood, it is better for you to visit dentists and remove amalgam promptly. Each and every moment, metals are dissolved by means of Macro-Galvanic dry cell erosion whereby there is a possibility of causing some abnormalities.
Description of saliva is weak alkaline; however, if bacterial plaque is kept around the metal crown due to inadequate oral cleaning, sugar is locally decomposed by bacteria to produce acids which stimulate dissolution of metals. When the borderline of gum-ridge is filled with bacterial plaque to cause periodontal infection, leading to congregation of lymph corpuscle whereby sensitization to metals easily occurs, together with increased incorporation of dissolved metal ions into the body. Surfactants such as sodium lauryl sulfate which is contained in tooth paste are reported to augment sensitization to metals in allergic reactions due to their “adjuvant” effects. As is obvious from these examples, the oral cavity is an area where metal-induced allergy easily takes place. If you need to have your teeth filled or crowned with metals, any other materials not responsible for onset of Macro-Galvanic dry cell erosion should be employed. However, the most reliable method to avoid oral metal allergy is not to place any metals into your mouth.
For that purpose, it is very important to think seriously about the countermeasures to avoid dental caries to spend lives with healthy teeth, as the national levels. Shall we investigate various witnesses from patients who had suffered from metal allergy.

For 7~8 years, I suffered from severe eczema of palm. I consulted quite a few dentists. Fingers were swollen with bleeding and finger prints became unclear. At the working office, I could not help but wear gloves. Of course, I could not perform kitchen works and therefore, my parents were concerned about my future marriage.I started to visit Dr. Muratsu’s Clinic with an intention to cure abnormal bites of my teeth but I could not imagine that my eczema of palm would be cured. About 2 years have passed since removal of metal implantation; however, no relapse was observed and I spend uneventful days.My acquaintances were very much surprised to find that my palm became 2/3 in its size. My friends who knew previous serious conditions of my palm recognized fear of terrible foreign materials in my mouth. Symptoms were improved gradually.I really appreciate Dr. Muratsu who relieved me from nightmares.
(A 29-year-old woman, Kitakyushu city)

I still remember her palm at her first visit with us. Her hand was swollen like a baseball glove with her palm being leathery and bleeding. In sharp contrast, however, she revisited us a couple days ago for follow-up cares and I found that her palm was so soft. Whenever I encountered such a case, I reconfirmed “Teeth are our organs.” and I felt happy because I have completed “Hazo” treatment after tenacious efforts. She is very smart and I am sure that she will meet with a nice man to spend a happy life. This is because in parallel with improvement of atopic dermatitis, the present treatment completely recovered “Hazo” which is considered to play a central role in our living body.
Among all of you, there might be many persons suffering from atopic and allergic symptoms. For alleviation of these intractable symptoms, such patients were prescribed higher doses of steroid easily and seriously suffered from adverse reactions and withdrawal. In the cases who were given steroid for a long period of time, recovery reactions of the body by “Hazo” treatment are not favorable and are frequently different from usual cases. If you must use steroid, you are recommended to check involvement of “Hazo” for the current symptoms before using steroid because atopic dermatitis and allergic symptoms are remarkably attributable to incompatible metals and artificial materials used for teeth.
During perspiration, a certain school girl presented eruption and flare, thereby never failing to go to hospital. However, after completion of “Hazo” treatment, her symptoms did not occur irrespective of the amount of sweat. One glance of allergic symptoms might naturally remind us of our doubt on oral metals promptly but the current medical common sense leads us to a blind point.

As shown in the news paper scrap (Figure 56), atopic dermatitis is intractable to modern medicine; as the result, patients rely on cosmetics, specific remedies and folk medicines, resulting in more deteriorated conditions. Such situations are referred to by the chairman of the fact-finding survey committee of the Japan Society of Dermatology as “There exists the distrust on medicine as the backgrounds of such a confusion. Our Society needs to positively propagate scientific information.” It goes without saying that the Japan Society of Dermatology and dermatologists have not intentionally left the medical distrust alone for a long time while within the framework of modern medicine, every effort has been made to radically find out the major causes of atopic diseases but in vain.
This can be attributed to defect of the medical paradigm itself. The allergic reactions of the metals used in medical treatment have been well known for many decades and lots of measures have been conducted such as identification of the responsible metals by patch test and subsequent removal from oral cavity.
However, all of them were not conducted based on the concept of “Correlation between teeth and our lives” stressed in this book and the view points affecting our living bodies, indicating that they stemmed from partial recognition of the issues. I feel more than happy if this book will contribute to notification of correlation between teeth and dermatological fields, as well as complete elimination of atopic diseases which annoy lots of patients.
According to the collated data concerning the patients who visited our KOS Clinic complaining of atopic dermatitis or allergy, 51 patients (72%) out of 71 patients showed alleviation of these symptoms following “Hazo” treatment. For your better understanding, we must add some comments that not only removal of artificial foreign materials including incompatible metals but also recovery of vital functions by improvement of bites of teeth have been confirmed clinically.

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