Section 1-7. Great progress in the society where teeth are naturally expected to exist

My objective to materialize “We wish to build the society in which teeth are naturally present” was achieved by an unexpected event. Although it would take some more time to eradicate decayed teeth from this world, we can achieve the supreme objective if we can retain the decayed teeth without extracting them. If we have clear desire, we can achieve it in some time. Two or three years after application of this technology to my patients, I could verify the efficacy of both its re-implantation technology and “Hazo” paradigm and of course, I was so much please to know it. I shouted “Oh, we need not extract decayed teeth any more”. In the KOS, we have developed originally the re-implantation technology as one application of “Hazo” theory and we saved lots of patients since 6 years ago. Since 3 years ago, this technology has been developed as the extension of the conventional paradigm in the world and the outcomes have been reported in dental thesis.  Previously, Yukio Funai mentioned a new transmission of intelligence beyond the empty space in his book with the title of “The hundredth monkey” and our new re-implantation technology reminds me of his book.
Probably, the “Hazo” theory written in this book might propagate its unique intelligence. The number of the patients who visited our Clinic might amount to more than 1500 persons while I made lots of lectures and presentations in Dental Society Meetings in Japan. Among the patients who gave us consent, they have shared with me the concept of myself and KOS “Teeth are our organs and we wish to produce the society in which teeth are indispensable.” These selected patients are called Amethyst Members. Coupled with kind cooperation of these members, I feel very happy that I could focus my vast amounts of writing energy of this book and concentration of my concept, whereby such an intelligence could be propagated beyond the space.
I am not quite sure whether this book would be read by many people but that will not be a serious problem. Writing a book by one dentist requires an enormous amount of energy.
Now, the table clock on my desk tells me 4:15 A.M. I am writing this book with my full power. I feel no regret even if I shall die at this moment because all of my spiritual energy, intelligence and physical power have been spent to write this book. Such an enthusiasm may contribute to alteration of the common sense, leading to attaining happiness of human beings. All we have to do is to make others recognize this fact to change the existing paradigm and to liberate the whole humans from unnecessary agony derived from their ignorance, leading to attaining happiness.
Now coming back to re-implantation of teeth, you might understand that teeth are not a part of chewing organs but our organs.

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