Section 1-2. With aggravated dental caries, can we leave them without extraction?

In the previous Chaper, I explained the fact that teeth are extremely precious because of possessing extreme possibilities like living gems. It is quite a pity to note that such precious teeth are easily extracted. I wonder what makes us avoid extraction of precious teeth. “Hazo” theory demonstrates one possibility to respond to such a sincere wish.
Human beings tend to overlook the misunderstandings without any doubt if we believe them. In the stages that teeth are recognized as one part of digestive organs and are merely the tools for ingesting foods, nobody could hit on the idea of tentative extraction of decayed teeth, subsequent treatment outside the mouth, and implant them in the dental gum, followed by recovery of them in situ. When I was a dental student more than 20 years ago, such procedures were taught in colleges and current dental students are also instructed to do these procedures even at present.
However, in case of teeth being fell out due to accidents or trauma, the dropped-off teeth have been re-implanted as the urgent remedies until today. It has been known that within 2 hours after extraction of teeth, these teeth can be successfully implanted. Like these examples, the conventional dental common sense relied on the organ-features of teeth without recognition. Nevertheless, they were still emergency treatments and they were designated as the treatment based on the obvious paradigm that teeth are organs.
As the natural consequence, they were not supported methodologically, thereby providing unstable prognosis accompanied by post-surgical absorption of the dental root.

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