Section 5-4. Living gems guide human beings to happiness in the 21st century

There is hidden a supernatural vital function of human beings which have not been anticipated previously. It would appear likely that a key permitting us to survive in much more severer environment of the earth would be buried therein. When we use dental functions as the crystal and optimum bites, together with utilizing them for maintenance and improvement of our health, and development of our capabilities, we might find unbelievable possibilities which could not be imagined by the conventional paradigm. This is because teeth as the crystal are now replaced with incompatible artificial substances during the course of dental treatment without considering their organ features, resulting in no exercising its real functions. Ultra-healthy level bites of teeth occurs with the probability of 1/several hundreds billion persons (This could be compared to the case in which after throwing 16 pieces of dice, all the dice show “1”.) This indicates that such a person with the ultra-healthy level bites was extremely rarely observed in the past. Nevertheless, in the similar manners as those cases in which antibiotics were successively discovered in medical fields, we must utilize this hidden function to achieve real happiness of human beings in future.
In the past, our ancestors searched for the elixir of immortality or the water of life in uncultivated mountainous areas while currently, present researchers look for them in genes of us which are now gradually clarified by human genome plan. However, there is a possibility that they might exist in ourselves as the hidden software. Optimal bites of teeth play a role as a key in activating the said software and opening the cock for water of immortality. For your better understanding, shall we introduce one example in whom the software was activated by turning the key and tickets for success became available.

I have been playing musicals for a long period of time but I decided to go to UK to become an international dancer. Prior to departure, I had complaints such as jaw pains and difficulty to open mouth; therefore, I received treatments by Dr. Muratsu. In our dancing world, we sometimes say “That’s dance has gaiety. She emits energy (Hado).” Upon treatment by Dr. Muratsu, I listened to “Hado” theory and I was so surprised that “Hado” theory is quite similar to the gaiety and emission of energy in leading dancers.
After my treatment, I went to London where I perceived elimination of extra efforts which I complained of previously. Currently, I am free from such an unnecessary labor and can concentrate my energy to enjoy more abundant expression in my dance. In the final audition, 2 persons out of 200 applicants were selected and she was one of these 2 successors. Later, the company received the famous Tony Award in New York while I am now playing in the said musical in London.
I remember well the comment from Dr. Muratsu “You can emit good Hado”. I might be able to spend my life with confidence.
(A 29-year-old woman Miss T, now living in London)

This letter was written by Miss T when T was back to Japan in this New Years Day and visited our Clinic for receiving my check of her teeth and bites of teeth. The dance team in which she is now participating is a world famous professional dance team in UK. Of course, lots of dancers may apply for audition from not only Europe, but also USA, Asia and Africa. It is rumored that Japanese applicant is too difficult to pass the audition because of difficulty to get the visa. Despite such a difficulty, she overcame it. Local news papers reported her success. This success was achieved by her strenuous efforts, splendid ability and strong will. However, this is an extremely severe competition because one out of 100 applicants becomes a winner and therefore, applicants with ordinary ability could not pass this audition. It is more than happy for me if optimization of bites of teeth improves the whole body functions and regains the hidden ultrasuper power in humans, leading to her success as an world-level dancer. I wish to assist her as the more famous dancer in the world through my regular checks of her bites and tuning, if necessary.
I used a word, “tuning” but in talking about a piano, every day’s use of piano causes deviance from the correct tune. The same is true with bites of teeth. Only trying to maintain healthy levels is not so difficult but maintenance of optimum bites levels needs regular checks and timely adjustment. We usually wear shoes, whereby distortion induces dislocation of sacral bone. In the future dental medical services, improvement of bites and maintenance of the optimized bites would become the important pillars. There is a possibility that these adjustment would contribute to maintenance and stimulation of our health as well as improvement of brain and vital functions, leading to implementation of the world without diseases. Furthermore, stimulation of secretion of intracerebral hormones such as endorphin due to increase in intracerebral blood circulation amount and elevation of electrical levels results in increase in mental happiness and satisfaction, thereby making the general public spend happy lives together with psychosomatic health.
As described above, you might agree with my comment “Teeth are living gems.” Teeth are more precious than expensive diamond. Probably you cannot believe it but in about 100 years, such a concept would become a common sense.

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