Section 2-4. Are the metals filled in teeth involved in onset of pollen diseases?

Although pollen diseases are one of the allergic diseases, these diseases are probably attributable to immunological abnormality which is associated with accumulation of the dissolved metal ions from metals filled in the teeth in the body. Please read the following witness from the next patient.

From the middle part of every February in the past decade, I was suffering from sneezing, coughing and itching of eyes, which represented pollen diseases.
However, in this February, I had no such symptoms.Whenever I remember painstaking days with pollen diseases which lasted until the middle part of April, I hope that such symptoms would not occur this year, leading to pleasant
(A 44-year-old man, Okagaki-machi, Fukuoka prefecture)

From many patients who underwent my dental treatment, I have frequently received reports on alleviation of pollen diseases after “Hazo”treatment. Taking into account the fact that pollen naturally exist in the natural world, it is considered that excessive immune reactions such as allergy to pollen are not ascribed to pollen themselves as the cause, but they are induced by environmentally modified factors or internal changes of our bodies.
According to our experiences in which “Hazo” treatment contributed to improvement of pollen diseases, it is anticipated that “Hazo” diseases, particularly dissolution of metal ions from incompatible metals and their accumulation in the body due to Macro-Galvanic dry cell erosion might might be responsible for onset of these abnormal immune reactions.
Based on the collation by KOS, 11 patients (22%) out of 49 patients who complained of pollen diseases showed remarkable improvement while 27 patients (55%) attained improvement. About 80% in total showed improvement by “Hazo” treatment. If abnormality related to teeth is associated with pollen diseases, we are afraid to say that it might be a serious problem.

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