Section 2-1. Do you have no opposition against your teeth being filled with mercury? Human beings, wake up

When we find a view of the conventional dental medicine from the new paradigm “Teeth are our organs”, we can recognize abnormalities which give menace to our vital functions and new possibilities related to them. One of them is the re-implantation of teeth which was already explained in the previous Chapter. In the present Chapter III, I wish to talk about various issues including the incompatible foreign materials which are frequently used for dental treatment.
According to the conventional common sense which disregarded the correlation between teeth and our lives, teeth were designated as only a chewing apparatus so that decayed teeth could be replaced with artificial teeth. Teeth were not recognized as important organs like other visceral organs; moreover, teeth were not regarded as a part of our living body.
As the result, our oral cavity has been filled with artificial materials including metal like those of Cyborg (Figure II). If from the dawn of medical sciences, teeth had been recognized as our organs, and highly sophisticated validation and consideration on organ compatibility of artificial valve for heart had been performed, I anticipate that employment of foreign materials such as metal deviated from vital functions would have caused questions. For example, Amalgam (Refer to Figure II, upper left) which has been frequently used since the end of World War II contains 50% for mercury, 30% for silver, 6.5% for copper and 13.5% for tin, respectively.
Serious toxicity of organic mercury has been well known in cases with Minamata disease and Itai-itai disease. In this sense, inorganic mercury should not be implanted in humans. Nobody can guarantee its safety of inorganic mercury in the body because there is a possibility that it is ionized in the mouth and becomes organic mercury. Incidentally, this mercury amalgam was prohibited to be used in Sweden several years ago because of safety concerns. However, to our surprise, permanent magnet has been conducted into human bodies recently.
Such a lack of thoughtful consideration on the dental materials can be anticipated by looking at the backgrounds of professors specializing the dental sciences and engineering who are involved in development and verification of these materials. Most of them are occupied by researchers who graduated from departments of sciences and engineering quite unrelated to life sciences. This trend is not specific to Japan but widely observed in the world. Recently, in the dental material session of the General Congress of IADR, the world-biggest dental congress, which was held in Nice in France, related discussion was made but most of the researches presented therein were associated with mainly the material engineering whereas no adequate discussion was made concerning the correlation between the materials and life functions. I wish to verify them through witnesses from some patients.

When I wake up in the morning, I usually suffer from pains, irrespective of standing or sitting. Every day, I had some pains.Only removal of the incompatible metal was associated with perception of sound strength of my fingers.After treatment for normal bites, low back pain, pains on my back and left side lateral pain on my face were eliminated. I could stretch my whole body on my bed without pain so that I felt as if I regain my youth.
Right-side tooth was well implanted and I expected to have the alternative side treatment. Dr. Muratsu told me “Natural cure can be attained if you receive rational treatment” and I gradually understood it. Thank you very much for your treatment from back teeth to the front teeth.
(A 47-year-old woman, Saitama prefecture)

Before treatment, I had been susceptible to easy fatigue and I usually had suffered from headache once or twice a month. I gave up cure of such a situation because I believed that all of this might derive from my constitutional predisposition.When treatment started, all the implanted metals were removed, followed by correction of abnormal bites of teeth, my physical conditions were altered. In the winter season, I was free from chilly sensation in my four limbs and furthermore, I felt warm without catching cold. I had no long-lasting headache and even if it occurred, its severity was so mild to do my house works. Whenever I went out, I had no tired feeling.All of our family members were very surprised at significant influences of teeth on our whole
body. I really appreciate Dr. Muratsu’s kindness because I could regain my health.
(A 48-year-old woman, Fukuoka city)

Before treatment, I had severe diarrhea every day, with serious acne.
I tended to be mentally depressed and I could not get motivated. After treatment, my intestinal conditions were improved while my skin disorders and acne were alleviated.Previously, I suffered from myalgia on the next day after a mild physical exercise but currently, I felt no tiredness on the subsequent day. I am now quite healthy and spend pleasant days. I am very happy to have received Dr. Muratsu’s treatment. Thank you very much.
(A 19-year-old woman, Fukuoka city)

In this patient, implanted metals were removed from 10 parts, followed by improvement of bites of teeth. After treatment, she became light-skinned and in addition, she became smart from her previously obese body shape. Mentally speaking, she became active and healthy both mentally and physically.
All of these three persons were suffering from incompatible metals implanted in their mouths and their lives were jeopardized.
According to the conventional common sense, we thought simply as follows: “The hole caused by dental caries is just filled with a certain metal.” However, when this measure is reconsidered according to the new visual point representing “Teeth are our organs”, we cannot help but hold a question by saying “Just wait a moment!”. Regardless of a small amount or a large amount, implantation of metals into our body means replacement of a part of our body with them. Implantation of incompatible artificial foreign materials into our body results in reducing the life functions or inducing abnormalities eventually. If we consider it from the view point of the life science apart from prejudice of the dental common sense, it is quite reasonable. However, concerning the intraocular events, dentists accepted employment of metals for dental treatments without any doubt by disregarding the general life sciences as if extraterritorial sanctuary exists in diplomacy. When we are awake to the current measures, there exist unbelievable horrific blind points.
Such blind points are responsible for lots of tragedies in which patients suffering from systemic symptoms due to dysfunctional teeth visited various specific clinics including internal medicine and dermatology but they were diagnosed to have diseases with unknown causes. It is postulated that there might be some officially approved intractable diseases in which dysfunctional teeth are involved.
The 47-year-old woman patient who was initially introduced above told us at that occasion “When I wake up in the morning, I usually suffer from pains, irrespective of standing or sitting. Every day, I had some pains.” ; however, subsequent comment mentioned “Only removal of the incompatible metal was associated with perception of sound strength of my fingers.” Finally after improvement of abnormal bites of teeth, she was liberated from such persisting pains completely. I know many other patients who had much more severe symptoms than this woman.
There was a patient who suffered from long-lasting systemic pains regardless of standing or lying, together with inability of speaking, as if he was thrown in severe agonies. Most of his teeth had been replaced with lots of metal implants and therefore, all of these metals were removed from his mouth, followed by normalization of his bites. Four days later, all the pains disappeared and surprisingly, he could run. This patient was happened to be interviewed by the FBS TV station located in Fukuoka city for broadcasting under the title of “Mentai (salted cod ovum) World” in which his conditions before and after dental treatment were recorded by TV camera. In Fukuoka district, this was broadcasted to get exciting reactions from the viewing audience. The recorded film is now available as the indisputable evidence.
Because of not so severe symptoms to visit clinics, many patients suffer from stiff shoulder, headache and rough skin as well as latent dysfunctions; however, they do not recognize the fact that all of these symptoms stem from artificial materials used for dental treatment. The second witness by a 48-year-old patient clearly told us “Before treatment, I had been susceptible to easy fatigue and I usually had suffered from headache once or twice a month.
I gave up cure of such a situation because I believed that all of this might derive from my constitutional predisposition”.
Shall we investigate how these health disorders attributable to dental materials including incompatible metals would affect our bodies.

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