Section 2-3. Allergic reactions due to non-metallic dental materials

Materials except metals sometimes induce allergic reactions when used for dental treatment. After being filled into the gum, they are gradually shaved during eating foods or dissolved, and subsequently, they are incorporated into our bodies to finally cause symptoms at the most susceptible parts of the body.
The following patient presented allergic reactions due to the material called as Sealant which was filled into the ditch between teeth for the purpose of prophylaxis of dental caries.

Since November 3 last year, eczema suddenly occurred in my son. The size varied and the lesions were changed day by day. After bathing, he scratched the lesions severely because of itching. At night, he also scratched his scalp in the whole night. I brought him to many hospitals for consultation while he was given Chinese herbs.
Since no alleviation was found in his symptoms, I doubted that implants in his teeth might be the cause of these symptoms and he received Dr. Muratsu’s diagnosis. Dr. Muratsu promptly told us “It is better to remove immediately” and 3 implants were removed. Thereafter, incidence of eczema decreased day by day and one month later, only a tiny eczema was found when his physical condition was not so good.
I could not imagine the previous sleepless nights because of my son’s
itching. We could well understand that implants in the teeth affected the physical conditions so notably.
(A mother of a 8-year-old boy, Yanagawa city)

In his case, the actual cause of his sleepless night due to itching was Sealant which was filled for the purpose of prevention of dental caries. Please do not misunderstand that all of Sealant induces these symptoms. If we forget significance of both organ features of teeth and association with the whole vital functions, we are misguided to use even incompatible permanent magnets for dental treatment. It is really a scared issue.

Since 15 years of age, I had severe itching of eyes while my eyes were reddish due to allergy and occasionally white of eyes was swollen. Even after mild physical exercises, I was susceptible to fatigue and therefore, I could not focus my attention to studies.
When I was 18 years old, I happened to know Dr. Muratsu’s Clinic and began treatment; however, initially, I was so suspicious about what Dr. Muratsu told me. Nevertheless, during the course of treatment, tentative use of rubber as the material caused swelling of my eyes on that night and on the next morning, both eyes were unbelievably swollen.
I had been resistant to rubber products as my constitution and I thought that teeth really provided direct influences on our bodies. Removal of tentative use of rubber was associated with elimination of swelling of my eyes and currently, I have no symptoms such as itching and tear-filled eyes.
After consultation with Dr. Muratsu, I clearly understood that easy extraction and easy grinding of teeth extremely affect our bodies. I understand the word by Dr. Muratsu, “Teeth are our organs”.
In my case, my complaints were itching of eyes but I am sure that there are quite a few patients who suffer from more severer symptoms due to misled recognition about teeth. Although treatment was completed, I wish to convey what Dr. Muratsu told me to other persons.
Thank you very much for Dr. Muratsu and other staff members who were very kind to me.
(A 17-year-old girl high-school student, Fukuoka city)

In the above-stated two patients, both of them were relieved from symptoms like itching by elimination of all the dental foreign materials. Accordingly, we can conclude that these symptoms stemmed from teeth.
It is postulated that dental materials filled into teeth were gradually dissolved into oral cavity and metal ions were accumulated in skin and eyes, followed by the amounts reaching the threshold levels to induce suddenly allergic reactions. Itchy feelings are usually augmented by warming the body, whereby after taking bath or going to bed, an 8-year-old boy perceived aggravated itching, resulting in inability of falling sleep.
“Since 15 years of age, I had severe itching of eyes while my eyes were reddish due to allergy and occasionally white of eyes was swollen”, ” Removal of tentative use of rubber was associated with elimination of swelling of my eyes and currently, I have no symptoms such as itching and tear-filled eyes”
Both of these unpleasant symptoms of this girl student are attributable to allergic conjunctivitis while metals filled in the teeth were responsible for abnormality of immunological reactions leading to allergic conjunctivitis. On the surface of mucous membrane, stimulation with antigen was associated with production of a large amount of immunoglobulin E from lymphocytes and subsequently, immunoglobulin E bound onto the surface of mast cells and basophils, resulting in release of substances such as histamine which cause inflammation.
Thereafter, inflammatory substances stimulate nerves to induce hyperemia, itching and edema, or increased lacrimation. We occasionally express a complicated sensation such as “Itchy pain”, indicating that pain and itching are something like brothers. Through the same nerve, sometimes we perceive pain or itching according to the degree of stimulation to the nerve. Among sensory nerve fibers, C fiber is distributed around blood vessels and receives stimulation of pain-inducing substances such as histamine, prostaglandin and bradykinin, thereby transferring the stimulation to brain where itching is perceived.
Concerning histamine, a small amount of histamine causes itching but a large amount gives pain. Prostaglandin causes edema thereby augmenting itching by histamine. Such a series of immune reaction mechanism also induce allergic rhinitis and bronchitis. Bronchial asthma is also generated by similar immune allergic reactions. The location where allergic diseases occur is sometimes migrated to various parts of the body (bronchi, nose, eyes, skin, etc.) with aging. This is called as an allergy march.
This moves from atopic dermatitis, infantile exzema, asthma-like bronchitis, repeated common cold, diarrhea, abdominal pain, urticaria, bronchial asthma, allergic rhinitis and to conjunctivitis in this order. Although allergic constitution might be implicated in allergic diseases occurring during infantile period, it is also anticipated that they may be induced by trans-placental sensitization in fetus during pregnancy, namely immune sensitization by certain allergens via placenta in maternal body.
In these occasions, judging from the fact that metals filled in the teeth of the mother are dissolved and its metal ions are transferred to fetus via placenta, followed by accumulation in the fetus in the similar manners as the maternal body, the following possibility that such accumulation processes contribute to onset of the future immune abnormality cannot be ruled out. Incidentally, atopy means production of large amount of immunoglobulin E due to allergen. In patients with atopic constitution, total immunoglobulin E levels in blood are usually higher and the number of eosinophilic leucocyte generating inflammatory substances is increased. Currently, onset of atopic diseases is considered to be affected by not only hereditary component but also environmental factors and biological mutation evolution. Incompatible metals in the teeth should be emphasized as the internal environmental factors.

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