Section 2-5. Whether the filling materials do not cause collagen diseases including rheumatoid arthritis

First of all, please read the witness by a patient.

For the past 3 years, I was suffering from chronic rheumatoid arthritis. My wrists were swollen with severe pains and I lost my gripping power of my fingers. Such pains were always accompanied with me and I could not hold a kitchen knife at the time of cooking.Since this March when magnetic artificial tooth was implanted, I perceived pains in my neck and shoulders, resulting in spending painful days. However, I believed that this pain was attributed to aggravated rheumatoid arthritis.I spent days with such pains but in this July, I was introduced to Muratsu Clinic by Dr. Y, an expert of Oriental Medicine.
In Muratsu Clinic, eleven magnetic teeth were removed and tentative teeth was implanted, followed by adjustment of bites of my teeth.
I was very surprised. Long-lasting pains around neck and shoulders were suddenly eliminated and I was so refreshed.
I was pleasant to receive dental treatment. I feel sure that my immune power would be strengthened and I could overcome rheumatoid arthritis. I am confident to cure this chronic disease while my healing capacity seemed to be augmented.I appreciate Dr. Muratsu and Dr. Y. I hope that Dr. Muratsu continues his treatment. Thank you very much.
(A 54-year-old woman, Saga city, Saga prefecture)
In the patient with chronic rheumatoid arthritis, 9 incompatible metal crowns and a pair of permanent magnet to hold the artificial teeth were implanted. All of them were removed at the initial treatment and bites of teeth were adjusted to attain the described efficacy on the same day. At the initial consultation, abnormally weaker grasping power with less than 10 kg have been recovered to the normal levels for women at the same ages. In addition, magnets which were used for supporting the artificial teeth were eliminated in two patients. Both of them also showed similar symptoms including pains around neck and shoulders as well as less grasping power as were observed in the above-cited patient; however, treatment was associated with recovery.
Lots of patients with chronic rheumatoid arthritis have visited KOS Muratsu Dental Clinic; however, the afore-mentioned patient suddenly presented it three years ago. She spent painful days with complaints “I was suffering from chronic rheumatoid arthritis. My wrists were swollen with severe pains and I lost my gripping power of my fingers. Such pains were always accompanied with me and I could not hold a kitchen knife at the time of cooking.” Chronic rheumatoid arthritis, a kind of collagen diseases, frequently occurs in women at 30 – 60 years of age. It is reported that about 1 million people corresponding to 1% of the whole population is suffering from this disease. Incidentally, collagen diseases include systemic lupus erythematosus, scleroderma, dermatomyositis, periarteritis nodosa and rheumatic fever while they are considered to be similar diseases from the view point of onset causes. As the symptoms related to chronic rheumatoid arthritis, bilateral joints including knees and fingers are stiffed in the morning, which resemble to rheumatoid-like symptoms. When aggravated, joints are swollen due to inflammation of joint capsules and synovial membrane of joints, evolving into swelling of joints, pain and retention of fluid. Subsequently, both pains and swelling take place in joints of the whole body. Occasionally, spasmodic convulsion occurs in arterioles in tips of fingers, resulting in fingers becoming cold and pale, followed by the color being changed from purple to red color; this process is called as Raynaud's phenomenon. It is reported that chronic rheumatoid arthritis and collagen diseases are attributed to immune abnormality and autonomic imbalance. As the natural consequence, we can anticipate that the major causes of onset of these diseases might be “Hazo” diseases. Shall we read the witness by another patient.

Without previous notice, sudden swelling of knees occurred and therefore, fluid of the articular joints was extracted at an orthopedic surgery, together with tests of blood samples. Based on the test results, I was diagnosed to have chronic rheumatoid arthritis. Then, I perceived pains on elbows, wrists, ankles and shoulders when my body was moved in the morning. Finally, I could not get up from my bed.
I lost gripping power so that I could not grip a steering wheel. My knees could not be bent. I could not go to work any more.Under such situations, I was introduced by one of my friends to Dr. Muratsu and I visited his Clinic.
I was encouraged by Dr. Muratsu’s comment “Do not worry. The causes exist on teeth. I am sure that treatment of your teeth would be associated with elimination of such symptoms.” Dr. Muratsu removed all of the implanted metals and adjusted abnormal bites of teeth.When I woke up in the next morning, I felt well and I moved easily.
I had no long-lasting pains. My elbows and shoulders were in good conditions. Even if I supported my body by pushing my elbows and wrists, I felt no pains. I could have breakfast with my family members. My family were very surprised to find me in a dining room.Gradually, I regained my grasping power and I could grip a steering wheel.
Pains on my knees were significantly reduced and I could return to my job. Although I am still under treatment, I am confident that I could become healthy whenever I heard Dr. Muratsu’s comment.
(A 38-year-old woman, Fukuoka prefecture)
At her first visit to our Clinic, she could neither walk nor sit. She was still in her 30s years of age and had children. Currently, however, her treatment has been almost completed and quite well. I heard that she could return to her job and spend usual daily lives. In our Clinic, she can walk normally and sit on the treatment chair without any pains.
I am so happy to see her brilliant smile which indicates her bright hopes in future. We occasionally receive patients with chronic rheumatoid arthritis who could not walk. One of these patients came from Tokyo with the assistance of her friend. She was 60 years old and at the initial consultation, she shuffled forward and she could not stand up from a chair in the waiting room.
I remember well the first conversation with her. Looking at her over the reception counter, I asked her to come into the examination room but she did not move at all. Once again I told her “Please come in and sit on the examination chair” and she replied “I cannot move at all”. At that occasion, I understood the whole situation. Because of severe pains due to chronic rheumatoid arthritis, she could not stand up from the sofa by supporting her body weight.
She visited us from Saitama prefecture following recommendation by the patient who was introduced in the opening paragraph of this book entitled with “Miracle of the modern medicine which was disclosed from the blind point”. According to the schedule of two overnights and three days per one visit to us, she came here in 7 times in total with the assistance by her friend. As the results, she was recovered to be able to visit us alone by air while pains have been eliminated and she could walk normally.
During writing this article today, I performed the third treatment on another patient with chronic rheumatoid arthritis; however, removal of implanted metals and improvement of abnormal bites was associated with disappearance of pains, easy walk and rapid improvement of symptoms. Judging from the fact that recovery of healthy conditions of teeth is accompanied by dramatic improvement of rheumatic symptoms in many patients, together with the onset mechanism of rheumatoid arthritis, it is postulated that the major cause of chronic rheumatic arthritis and collagen diseases as its relative diseases might exist in teeth.
In the 54-year-old patient stated above, rheumatoid arthritis symptoms suddenly occurred 3 years ago. Given the fact that the incompatible metals previsously implanted in teeth would be dissolved daily by Galvanic dry cell erosion and accumulated in the body, we can anticipate the mechanism of onset as follows: Simultaneously with accumulation of the dissolved metals, its level reached the threshold amounts to induce immunological abnormality while outer stimulation such as cold temperature, humidity, overwork, stress or virus might trigger onset of this disease. When the symptoms of chronic rheumatoid arthritis are aggravated, disorders of the whole body joints would progress in addition to pains and finally, anchylosis and deformation occurs. Therefore, it is indispensable to eliminate the suspected causes with high association with teeth should be identified thereby saving the currently annoyed patients and the susceptible candidates to rheumatoid arthritis in future.
The implanted metals in teeth are always immersed in saliva. As the result, they form an electric circuit among metals or with mucous membrane to make metal ions continuously dissolved. When the metal ion concentrations exceed the threshold levels to induce immunological abnormality, abnormality will occur quite suddenly in the body. In the patients who already presented with any symptoms due to immunological disorders, the real causes of inducing such disorders would continuously affect the lesions leading to deteriorating the symptoms unless the implanted metals are radically removed. What’s worse, there is a possibility that other parts would be affected or other types of abnormal immuno diseases would occur. It has been already verified by the modern medicine that the implanted metals used for dental treatment are responsible for occurrence of abnormal immune reactions due to accumulation of metal ions in the body, resulting in onset of dermatological symptoms. In the similar manners, it is necessary to clarify the correlation between teeth and such diseases including not only dermal diseases but also collagen diseases, chronic rheumatoid arthritis, bronchial asthma, allergic bronchitis, sinusitis and pollen diseases.

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