[Second part prologue] Miracle of the modern medicine which was disclosed from the blind point

◆Witness of a mother who regained her children’s health and her own happy life

I am a mother of a son, a university student and a daughter of first grade of a high school.  In addition to my husband, the above cited two children have been suffering from allergic diseases for a long period of time (18 years).  Their symptoms are different individually but the common features are higher susceptibility to catching a common cold and weak skin.  Based on the traditional idea, deriving from ancient China, that the same principles underlie a normal diet and medical treatment, I have tried all the effective procedures including diet therapy (For example, ingesting much of raw rice, seasonal green and yellow vegetables and root vegetables while refraining from ingestion of cold foods, munch, fast foods, commercially available juice, sweets (in particular, white sugar) and foods with additives).  In addition, I took supplement foods because I believed that they would be effective.  However, favorable outcomes would not be observed and I was still concerned about the situations in which one of them showed improvement but the remaining suffered from new symptoms.  
When my son was a third grade student of a junior high school with my daughter a sixth grade student of an elementary school, atopic dermatitis was aggravated whereby my son visited a dermatological clinic several times but topical application of steroid was refrained from use to the possible extent because of our concerns about its adverse reactions.  In March 1998, our family moved to Fukuoka because of job relocation of my husband.  Eventually, my daughter moved together.  Around May soon after our relocation, daughter’s atopic disease was relapsed again probably due to changed circumstances to spread to the whole body.  Face, neck, chest, back, shoulder, arms and legs (in particular, inflectional parts) became red with continuous itching.  The lesions were scratched with hands and were soaked with blood to cause crust.  Such courses were repeated, leading to darkish skin and hardened skin in the lesions.  She had an unpleasant awakening gradually and came to school late.  However, she really wanted to be free from such situations by any means and asked an acquaintance hospital to accept her as an inpatient whereas the hospital had no further capacity to accept her due to lack of additional beds.  Instead, the hospital recommended her to follow the diet therapy, hot-cold bathing, skin-care and topical application of ointment as instructed according to this hospital’s strategy.  
Recently, I noted a folded leaflet in a newspaper about a manipulative treatment and I made an appointment for my daughter.  During this treatment, distorted spine was pointed out and my daughter visited this manipulative clinic once a week, amounting to about 15 visits in total.  Around that period, one of my friends who was a staff member of Muratsu Dental Clinic told us about the forum by Dr. Muratsu.  Accordingly, I participated in this forum with my daughter.  In the midst of my listening to Dr. Muratsu’s presentation, I suddenly shuddered.  When I was informed of “Normalization of dental bites leads to improvement of distorted spine”, ”Correlation with autonomic nervous system” and “Teeth are organs”, I was really surprised but I recognized unconsciously “Real cause exists in daighter’s teeth”.
Around October, 1998, I made an appointment for Dr. Muratsu’s consultation with my daughter and she received his dental examination.  At that occasion, my daughter was mentally unstable, with various symptoms including stiff shoulder, headache, menstrual cramps, easy susceptibility to catching a common cold, lacked power of concentration, frequent dreaming and apathy, which seemed to be initial symptoms of depression.
After the first consultation in which dental bites were investigated, I was very surprised to find that length of legs was coincided with corrected pelvis.  I could not believe in this miraculous treatment in the world.  My daughter stopped complaining of stiff shoulder at this time point.  After that, my daughter was delighted to visit Dr. Muratsu’s office and made appointments one after another. 
In the second visit, implanted metals were removed while teeth with dental caries were treated properly and finally, gold was implanted therein.  In the middle part of December, all the dental treatments were completed.  Before going to Dr. Muratsu’s office, my daughter did not say a lot but after completion of the treatment, Dr. Muratsu’s advice made her face bright.  During the way to coming back to home, my daughter became talkative and happy.
She still visits Dr. Muratsu’s Dental Clinic once a month for aftercare; however, she is hardly bothered by atopic disease whereas she has become very tough mentally and very positive in her daily styles.  She passed the entrance examination of a high school and now enjoys her school days.
Since my son as a freshman in a college had been suffering from stiff shoulder, easy susceptibility to catching a common cold and atopic diseases, he received treatments similarly since December 2000.  In his case, his dental bites were disordered.  Incompatible metals were removed together with replacement of them with gold, leading to gradual alleviation of stiff shoulder.  Upon completion of the treatment when he became a third grade student of a high school, an entrance examination was awaiting him but atopic diseases were tapered off.  If my memory is correct, he started preparatory studies for the entrance examination in October but he could intensively perform it without being attacked by a common cold during a winter season.  When I brought my daughter to the Dental Clinic for aftercare in February 2000, Dr. Muratsu kindly told us “I wish to investigate again his dental bites once again in preparation for avoiding too much nervousness for the entrance exam.”.  My son also recognized its necessity and received Dr. Muratsu’s check three days before the second entrance examination.
In the actual examination, my son was confident of his success, by saying “I hardly felt too much tension and I could try the examination in a calm manner.  I happened to find out careless mistakes and exerted my full ability.”  He could passed the examination of the university of his choice and he is very much pleased.
Although I could not fully understand it theoretically, I heard lots of voices talking about their favorable experiences in the waiting room of the Dental Clinic.  There were quite a few unbelievable examples in which intractable diseases were cured by removal of incompatible metals and correction of distorted dental chewing.  Some of my acquaintances suffer from various diseases and therefore, I wish to let them know these cases.  I feel really thankful to my friend who informed me of the Dental Clinic.  
Thank you very much for kindness, Dr. Muratsu and staff members.  
(A mother of both a male university student and a girl of the first grade of a high school.  Fukuoka)

◆A woman at 20s of age came back alive from cancer and regained confidence on health

Since moving from Nagasaki to Fukuoka after graduation of a high school, 10 years have passed.  Until I noted an article about Dr. Muratsu in a certain magazine which was sent to our home in October last year, I had lost confidence of my physical conditions.  I shouted “Teeth are a key.” and I reviewed my diary which showed strong confidence in health and participated in a school, sports and after-school job, without taking any day-off until the third year.  As regards diseases, I was affected by only a common cold.
In the fourth year, I visited a certain dentist because of toothache.  Due to unknown reasons, I visited a gastrointestinal clinic, a department of otorhinolaryngology and an internal medicine.  Finally, I was diagnosed to have autonomic imbalance, internal otitis, stiff shoulder and tension headache due to mental stresses despite clear causes being unknown.  During the course of dental treatment, I had jaw arthritis and visited Kyushu University Hospital as an outpatient while I also visited Department of Gynecology because of existing menstrual disorder and acute pain at the right lower abdomen.  As the result, I visited this Department due to congenital ovarian dysfunction and polycystic ovary but I felt dizzy when I had severe menstrual pain.
In addition, I underwent uterus cancer test for confirmation’s sake on August 25, last year whereas the results showed unexpected “abnormal” with atypical epithelium in cervical part of uterus being graded as “IIIa”.  I was diagnosed to receive surgical operation if the score becomes “IIIb” at the second investigation in coming November.  I was so disappointed with serious anxiety and visited other hospitals such as National Hospital, Red Cross Hospital and City Hospital one after another; however, the results were the same.  I was informed that someone miraculously reverts to scores I~II indicative of normal condition and abnormality does not indicate prompt onset of cancer.  All I could do was to observe the progress and the next examination in November.
Nevertheless, my destiny was changed on October 30.  After careful investigation, Dr. Muratsu removed 11 incompatible metals from my teeth, resulting in complete cure of incorrect bites.  Subsequently, my headache and menstrual pain disappeared; in addition, I was free from my easy fatigue and stiff shoulder which had required regular visits to osteopathic clinics.  Furthermore, the test on uterus cancer in November revealed the normal score “II” while later tests in January and April demonstrated the score “I”.  The gynecologist was very much surprised at these progress.
Currently, whenever any plausible causes are unknown, there is a trend toward diagnosis of mental stress.  In my case, I was thrown into negative thinking because I was living alone in a dormitory away from my family members and I had heavy responsibility on job, together with lack of physical exercises.
However, the actual cause exists on teeth.
I really appreciate kindness of Dr. Muratsu and staff members.  I almost lose sight of myself.  I am still scared of my life if I would not have visited Dr. Muratsu’s Dental Clinic.  Nine years ago, I tried the entrance examination for the present company.  At that occasion, I declared “I am confident with health and physical strength” and I recognize this announcement just now.
Thank you very much.
(A 28-year-old woman,   Fukuoka)

◆A woman has overcome sudden hearing loss immediately before marriage

I was really surprised.  For these 3 months, I have had difficulty to hear at my left ear but I disregarded it because I believed that this might be caused by a common cold.  However, it was gradually aggravated and I felt as if I am climbing a high mountain.
Because of perceiving hard hearing, I visited an otorhinolaryngological clinic.  I was diagnosed to have “sudden hearing loss”; however, to my surprise, I was told that due to too delayed consultation with an otorhinolaryngological investigation, my disease probably might remain as it was throughout my life (Sudden hearing loss requires the earliest treatment, which is described in any pamphlet.).  I was given lots of drugs including steroids.  I continued to take these drugs for about 1 month and my hearing ability was recovered to my satisfaction; however, the problem developed later.  As the adverse reactions of these given drugs, facial swelling and acne-like pimples occurred.  I had thought that sometime later, this might be improved but frankly speaking, I was concerned about the progress because of my wedding being just around the corner.  Unfortunately enough, I had hearing difficulty once again. 
Around these occasions, I perceived unpleasant sensation such as something like a pain as if the right wisdom tooth might come up, or a pain attributable to dental caries.  I decided to consult with Dr. Muratsu.  When I was a university student, I visited Dr. Muratsu’s Dental Clinic based on the recommendation by my father and after completion of dental treatments, I started to be employed in a company.  Once being employed in a company, I could not afford to come to Fukuoka from Kumamoto and I usually skipped regular monitoring, indicating that I visited Dr. Muratsu’s Clinic after a long interval
Upon meeting me, Dr. Muratsu asked me “What has happened in this pimple?”  As the reply to his question, I explained outlines of onset of acute hearing difficulty.  Dr. Muratsu was surprised to hear that and complained by saying “Why did not you talk about it much earlier?, followed by his confident comment that this can be cured by correction of dental bites.  He promptly treated my abnormal dental bites and asked me “You can hear me clearly?”.  However, no significant changes were noted immediately after treatment.  I was told by him to come to this clinic the next week by any means.   To tell the truth, I was wondering which opinion should be respected?  The otorhinolaryngologist told me that you should come as soon as possible if you had difficulty in hearing and otherwise, your hard hearing cannot be completely cured forever.  However, I disliked to take such a large amount of drugs and I made an appointment for Dr. Muratsu’s investigation because of my personal belief on Dr. Muratsu.
Today happened to be the appointed date for consultation.  I did not care about it but my hearing capacity has been improved.  I was so surprised.
I did not take large amounts of drugs.  I received only amendment of dental bites.  There were no adverse reactions.  Of course, my stiff shoulder and headache were alleviated.
It is too late to regret but regular investigations would prevent such a mistake.  Even though I had a trouble in my ear, I should have visited a dental clinic rather than a department of otorhynolaryngology.  These bitter experiences would provide me with a good lesson and I wish to continue regular check-ups.  I will soon become a house wife.  By application of “Hado”, I hope that my husband will be fine and I wish to build up a healthy family.
My trouble was easily cured than I expected; however, I understand that teeth are not so simple but an organ.
Thank you very much.
(A 25-year-old woman,   Kumamoto)

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