Section 2-6. Electromotive force produced by dry cell erosion effects acts as the stress

The most important difference in the atomic structures between metals and non-metalic substances exists on the following points: in case of metals, atoms bind each other by the so-called “Metallic bonding” and at the interface, free electrons playing a role as the adhesion agent spin around at the speed of 1/200 of the light velocity. Because of the structural characteristics, metals can pass an electric current, gain its magnetism and exert catalytic functions to stimulate chemical reactions or exhibiting hard features.
Whenever metals are used as artificial organs into the living body, one must recognize their features thoroughly and use them with utmost care. By the way, do you know the details of the metals which are implanted in your mouth? Probably, this implantation was made at A dental clinic while another was made at B dental clinic, indicating that their compositions and characteristics of these metals are not clear to you. Such harmful reactions between the body and incompatible metals should be recognized as the internal stressor to our body.
Considering that these metals are already implanted into the dental gum, it is really meaningful because they continuously affect the living body during the whole life of the patient. These stresses due to incompatible metals is responsible for exhaustion of brain and body mechanisms, resulting in decreasing resistance to other stresses.
As the result, the patients are susceptible to catching a cold, abnormality of immunological systems or occurrence of malignant tumors. I wish to address the stress mechanisms later.In such a conventional paradigm, the possible risks have not been considered, besides their causal relationships being still unclear.
Accordingly, these treatments are still conducted daily with the excuse of no occurrence of acute toxicity nor abnormality in patients.

I have become acquainted with Dr. Muratsu through introduction of my friend.
Since I was living in Saitama prefecture away from Fukuoka, I was concerned about regular visit to Dr. Muratsu’s Clinic. However, I decided to visit the Clinic. Within 1 week, my stiff shoulder disappeared. I could not have lain on bed in a recumbent position but I can do it currently.
Pains on my left knee and headache were eliminated.After treatment, I could recognize such a surprising improvement.
I can enjoy my jobs every day. Before treatment, I had been so tired in the morning but I cannot believe it.Thank you very much for Dr. Muratsu and the staff members.
(A 48-year-old woman, Saitama)

I had suffered from dizziness, headache and stiff shoulder since 5 years before. Through introduction of my friend, I consulted with Dr. Muratsu.
During the course of treatment, I could find improvement of my physical conditions.
I am fine.Before treatment, I could not walk straightly but currently, I can walk along a white traffic line. Previously, I could not get up when tired but I am now all right. Before treatment, I could not stand still for a long time but I can do it not.
(A 39-year-old woman, Koga city, Fukuoka prefecture)

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