Section 1. Oral internal medicine shows the third disease, “Hazo disease”

In the former half of this book, I proved my notification of “Teeth are our organ.” from the fundamental sciences, together with explanation about the progress of its discovery.  I also clarified the fact that there are lots of people suffering from unknown diseases actually due to teeth as the fundamental causes, because these have been recognized as the blind point of the conventional medical sciences.  I introduced the witness of these patients.
In the latter half of this book, I would like to corroborate clinically and medically the observed facts supporting the theory “Teeth are our organs” which was basically and fundamentally proved in the former half of this book, by application of new therapies (“Hazo” treatments) based on  the new medical paradigm “Teeth are our organs” to lots of patients who had been suffering from the diseases because of losing their correct ways due to medical blind points.
First of all, shall we discuss the concept of diseases which were reviewed based on the new medical paradigm clearly from various points of views, and then collate them in order.

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