Section 3-4. Abnormal behaviors of babies, decrease in birth rate and disorder of maternal instinct

Recently, I heard complaints of obstetricians and gynecologists.  At delivery, they find that amniotic fluid occurs not as transparent body fluid but as coca-cola like fluid due to abnormality of amniotic fluid, and furthermore, the newborns are already atopic at their birth.  Compared with the past experience, the incidence of deformity is increased.
Not only deformity of limbs and mouth but also visceral anomaly including heart increased in their incidence.  Although these abnormalities might be associated with environmental pollution and influences of dietary lives, we can say that pregnancy and delivery are the supreme vital activities for all living things for preservation of the species.  Accordingly, to preserve healthy species under any environmental changes and extracorporeal bad conditions , various cares have been paid to placental functions and others. It is obviously abnormal to find contaminated amniotic fluid, increased incidence of anomaly and atopic newborns.  This indicates occurrence of something abnormal.
It is anticipated that these abnormality can be attributed to disorder of body fluid “Hado” due to incompatible metals implanted in teeth of mothers or incorporation of dissolved metal ions into amniotic fluid or newborns following dissolution of these metals by dry cell erosion.
There is also a possibility that these metal ions cause antigenic sensitization in fetuses via placenta.  In any events, incompatible metals implanted in teeth put preservation of human species in danger.  As the old saying tells us “Castles are ruined from their insides”, with elevated vital function systems, our bodies can much more prevent outer enemies; however, our bodies are vulnerable to inside enemies and therefore, not only central functions but also the whole body are easily upset. In this sense, implantation of incompatible metals in teeth is a serious problem in terms of preservation of the species.
Human beings are weakened and deteriorated.  In fact, after completion of “Hazo” treatment in women, the morning sickness during pregnancy is reported to be significantly alleviated, together with a light completion of newborns.  Please read the following witnesses.

Two years ago, I fell down from the window of the second floor.  I could not walk at all because of severe pains including low back pain, headache and stiff shoulder.  Jaw was out of alignment and I disliked a photograph.
In the wake of this accident, I visited Dr. Muratsu’s clinic where implanted metals were removed and abnormal bites were precisely adjusted.  As the result, all the pains were eliminated with the distorted face being normalized.  Because of the accident, my acquaintances said “You cannot become pregnant any more”.  At this time, I gave birth to a baby and my baby looked so nice and healthy.  I gave her a breast-feeding but her skin and intellectual power seemed to be superior to those of the first baby.
(A 37-year-old woman,   Fukuoka)  

I had unpleasant sensation due to jaw arthritis-like symptoms for a long period of time.  Since my elder sister received treatment by Dr. Muratsu, I also decided to undergo treatment at Dr. Muratsu’s clinic.  Whenever implanted metals were removed one by one, I felt as if I obtained power.  Following adjustment of abnormal bites, I have recovered from easy susceptibility to tiredness and I am fine mentally and physically.
Subsequently, I got pregnant and I gave birth to a baby during that period with no occurrence of dental caries.  
My baby is also fine under breast feeding.  At the waiting room of the hospital, other visitors frequently asked me “Your baby has a slippery skin.  Do you apply something effective?”  I appreciate kind treatment.
(A 31-year-old woman,    Fukuoka)

As shown in these examples, once we look at dental treatments from the view point of a new paradigm “Hazo” theory, we are enlightened to recognize suddenly that the conventional world contains very risky factors which we have not yet found because they seemed quite natural from our previous common senses.
Under the medical paradigm on teeth misunderstood so far, compatibility to organs has not been adequately discussed prior to use of metals in the dental treatment although compatibility to other organs such as heart and kidneys were naturally investigated deeply.
According to these situations, there is a possibility that metals implanted in teeth might be responsible for various systemic disorders, diseases and abnormality in maternal bodies during pregnancy.  The metals within our oral cavity  provide influences not only during taking meals but also throughout a day by dissolution of metal ions and “Hado” resonance due to erosion effects.  Furthermore, once implanted, these metals remain within our body for 10 years, 20 years, 30 years and until our death in some cases.  If they are favorable to our bodies and electrically stable, together with no chemically erosive reactions and providing libido to our bodies and strengthening our “Hado” of our bodies, our bodies will become stronger every moment, and daily to be healthy and to allow us enjoy our lives.
Suppose that they contain even slight minus factors, our bodies will be affected negatively with minus psychosomatic influences every day and years long.  Our lives will be continuously contaminated.  There is a possibility that such accumulated outcomes will lead to onset of pollen allergy, dermatological diseases, atopic diseases and autoimmune diseases including chronic rheumatoid arthritis and collagen diseases.
From the view point of occurrence of abnormalities in the mechanisms in our bodies, there might be a possibility that diabetes mellitus and senile Alzheimer type dementia are also correlated.  Concerning the artificial foreign materials to be implanted in our mouth, much more attention would be paid to both affinity to our bodies and compatibility to organs compared with those upon organ implantations.
Recently, the delivery rate in Japan has been abnormally lowered.  Total fertility rate was previously below 1.5 whereby both the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare as well as Japanese mass communications made a lot of noise because of concerns about possible extirpation of Japanese nation in future.  Currently, however, such a scream has not been heard.  This is not attributed to recovery of the delivery rate.  At present, the delivery rate has been below 1.4 and further downed to 1.39, indicating that we are beyond the precaution ranges but has reached the critical region.  In addition, this ratio is continuously lowered annually.
It seems to us that the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare would be scared of publicly informing the actual situations to Japanese people.  In this relation, we occasionally note sad news about mothers killing their infants by themselves on daily news papers.
There would be disorders in maternal instinct. As shown above, there is a possibility that vital mechanism of Japanese people has been disordered even in the most congenital instinct, the maternal instinct compared with those of our intrinsic general conscience. This might be greatly attributed to implanted incompatible metals in our mouths whereby such tragedy would be induced by contamination of our lives.  Wake up, please.
We human beings should refrain from implantation of incompatible metals in our bodies by any means.  If artificial materials such as metals are placed in our living bodies because of unavoidable reasons, it is necessary to be careful as if we are now selecting our better halves in our lives.  Even if a hole occurs in our teeth, easy-minded filling of artificial materials in teeth should be definitely avoided.  Once metals are implanted in our bodies, we live with them for 24 hours a day and usually spend our whole lives with them together.
When we rely on the common sense of the conventional dental sciences, the situation could be compared to the anecdote that your uncle brought a marriage partner without any knowledge of his name, characters and others but you decide to marry him because of your uncle’s recommendation.  If you can meet with a good partner, you can send a happy life with him; however, if you are unlucky, you must endure intolerable life and in some cases, you will be misdirected towards negativity.
Once incompatible metals are employed for implantation into teeth by chance, some disorders are induced in biological electric biofield and relevant organs including pineal body, resulting in onset of abnormalities in central function systems and the whole body, and evolving in electromagnetic waves with safe wave lengths in its nature causing disorders in the body.   There was a technical term such as a receiving apparatus in our brain; in this connection, it has been recently pointed out that human beings could directly receive various messages via an apparatus located inside the central functional system.
By means of tuning which is used for selecting the reception frequency or TV channels, the information to be received can vary.  Facile implantation of incompatible metals into our bodies implies very dangerous features not only to individual health problems but also to the society, such as loss of human nature and onset of abnormal behaviors.
As previously described, our society comprises each individual in similar manners as the sea consisting of each drop of sea water.  One turbid sea water means one drop of turbidity but when each drop gathers together, dirty sea would appear as the result of such contamination.  The same is true with human society.   As for one person, such a turbidity in terms of personal health problems is responsible for causing traffic accidents due to lowered concentration power and psychosomatic abnormality, and social troubles such as husband-and-wife quarrel and quarrels with others.  When such a turbidity gathers together, the whole society turns out to be a turbid society with irritation.
Currently, there are lots of crazy incidents including breakdown in the classroom discipline, no attendance to school, juvenile crimes, and Tokyo subway sarin gas attack, mother’s killing her children, together with occurrence of trifle problematic events to throw the lives into confusion and to destroy homes.  We cannot stop worrying about influences due to implanted incompatible metals in our bodies.

The previous common sense in dental medicine did not contain such a way of thinking.  As implied by separation of Faculty of Dentistry from Faculty of Medicine, our whole body was recognized as the collective entity of each part whereby teeth were isolated from our lives and teeth were designated as only chewing apparatuses.
In actuality, however, teeth are an inseparable part of our lives and are the constituents of important organs in our vital micro-cosmos (Please refer to ○2 Figure I).  If we consider dental treatment as simple repairing of the chewing apparatuses without serious recognition of handling important organs, both dentists and patients are not so nervous about implantation of incompatible foreign materials.  As the results, dentists could perform treatments so easily without paying attention to our vital sciences.  Actually, such treatments have been extensively conducted.
However, apart from humans arbitrary speculation, the universal vital laws still exist.  In accordance with divine justice as the great rule, bad causes results in occurrence of bad outcomes while good causes provide favorable outcomes.

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