Section 1-3. “Hazo disease” is the most effective stressor to cause stress reactions

Since “Hazo diseases” provide continuously influences on the brain and the body, which tend to spoil the homeostasis of our body, it is considered that “Hazo diseases”  are responsible for onset of significant stresses in the body.
Stress is defined as “the power to restore the distortion” but in the modern medicine, it is designated as “Stress is the changes in our body such as internal tension and protective response of our body against the stimulation given to both the psychological and physical activities.”  The causes of stresses are called as “Stressor”.  We can consider that all the issues about application of the incompatible metals in dental treatments and influences of abnormal bites can be regarded as the stressors for our body.  Since artificial foreign substances are implanted in our body and furthermore, they are not tentatively used, it is of no doubt that they provide bad influences on the body continuously and they can be designated as the most influential stressors if they are unfavorable and irritating materials which are incompatible for various organs.  As regards the stress reactions, a Canadian Dr. Selye used the word, the stress reactions in 1935 and since then, a huge amount of studies have been conducted in the world.  
Among stress reactions, “Urgent reactions” and “Systemic adaptation syndrome” are well known.  The former is the reaction of sympathetic nerve systems following acute stress such as sudden attack by a thug while the latter is the changes caused by chronic stresses, including stress reactions associated with “Hazo diseases”.  The power of resistance of our body is initially reduced but if the stimulation lasts for a long time, our body creates defense reactions to augment the resistance power.  However, if the stimulation persists further over a longer period of time, the protection mechanism of our body is discontinued and the resistant power is rapidly lowered.  When being exhausted, the patient is finally dead.  In this reaction, the modulating systems including autonomic nerve systems, endocrinological systems and immunological systems play a major role, followed by initial tension of sympathetic nerve systems, and release of glucocorticoids due to the subsequent activation of hypothalamus-pituitary gland-adrenocortical systems; accordingly, the following systemic reactions occur such as hypertrophy of adrenal cortex, atrophy of thymus, occurrence of gastric/duodenal ulcers, elevation of body temperature, blood pressure and blood sugar, as well as increase in muscular tension.  In addition, autonomic imbalance occurs.  It is anticipated that upon onset of “Hazo disease”, this kind of series systemic reactions and abnormalities occur among the stress responses.

Since the second junior high school days, I had fever every day and I could not get motivated.  Accordingly, I hated myself day after day.  During the course of my dental treatment, however, I felt well and I became cheerful.  Previously, I disliked school study and felt irritation; however, when I was well in my health, I could concentrate my attention to everything and finally, I could pass the entrance examination of the high school.  I am sure that I was lucky because dental treatment was conducted.
Thank you very much.
(A 16-year-old high school student,  Saga)

In this case, about 10 incompatible metals implanted in her teeth were removed and improvement of abnormal bites was performed, resulting in complete cure of “Hazo diseases”.  Electromotive force due to electric cycles between implanted metals and oral mucous membrane, as well as abnormal persisting tension of muscles in the whole body played a role as stress sources to induce abnormality of her body temperature.  Since continuous stress might provide bad and repressive psychological influences, her characters have become bright after treatment, together with augmentation of her concentration power due to release from stresses.  Finally, she could pass the entrance examination of the high school.
The following witness came from a patient who endured stresses over 20 years.

I felt head-heaviness as if I wore an iron armor throughout a year, and furthermore, jaw and eyelids had heavy feeling.  Occasionally, I had pains in eyes and head.  These situations lasted for more than 20 years.  During the course of dental treatments, I felt anxieties and fears because the circumstances were changed.  However, thanks to Dr. Muratsu’s full-hearted comment “I can cure your troubles by any means.”, I became relaxed.
After treatments, I was free from false feeling as if I wore an armor.  I was refreshed and enjoyed swift movements of my body.  Finally, whenever going out, breeze was very comfortable.
(A 54-year-old woman, Fukuoka)

Stresses give us various systemic symptoms and abnormal sensation.  If stressors as the causes of stresses are removed, original health can be retained like this case.  In addition, abnormal stimulation to brain-stem reticular activating system as the entrance of the brain is discontinued, leading to recovery of the brain to calm circumstances like a quiet lake surface.  This is the reason why the breeze is felt comfortable. The agony over 20 years is evaporated and because of such an experience, no pains are recognized by the patient as a pleasure.  As the result, the patient can enjoy happy feelings during a usual daily life.  This patient has been saved by the notification of “Teeth are our organs.  Teeth are connected with our lives”.  This notification augments pleasures of recognition “We are living because lives are given to us”.
As the causes except dental issues to induce stresses, there are environmental and physical factors such as radiation, chemical ones including drugs and overeating, biological ones such as bacteria and psychological ones including divorce and entrance examinations.  Onset of psychosomatic symptoms depends on how much stress has been cumulatively given to the body for a certain period of time by these causal factors.  When over-stress exceeding the resistance of the body is given, maintenance of homeostasis by the body protection functions is eventually collapsed, inducing abnormality of the body and diseases.  
When the body is continuously exposed to a certain stressor resulting in adrenal cortex undergoing hypertrophy as the protective response, and additionally, another new stressor attacks the body, the defense response to the new stressor would not normally work due to the limited resistance ability of the body leading to reduced resistance in total.  Such a condition is called as the confounding sensitization.  Patients whose “Hazo diseases had been cured one year ago occasionally told us “After dental treatments, I caught no common cold in this winter season”.  This phenomenum can be accounted for by the following situations: Due to improvement of “Hazo diseases” known as the most effective stressor to the body, chronic and persisting stresses have disappeared, resulting in removal of confounding sensitization phenomena.  It is postulated that as the results, the stress response of the body turns out to work normally and the defense functions of the body is normalized.
There is an old saying “ A cold often leads to all kinds of disease.” And
incidence of common cold is considered to measure the resistance of the body.  In this sense, less frequent incidence of catching a common cold after treatment of “Hazo diseases” indicates how large stress burden abnormalities related to teeth are given to the body.  According to the studies in psychic treatment internal medicine and psychiatric fields, it has been reported that over-loading of stress is associated with increase in morbidity of infectious diseases, allergic diseases, self-immunological diseases and cancer.  Coupled together from the view point of stresses, it would appear likely that “Hazo diseases” are evil fellows to obscurely erode healthy lives of human beings.  Statistics by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare told us that the annual total number of suicides exceeded 30 thousand persons for the first time since commencement of this survey.  Recently, hospitals with long-term hospitalization wards for patients suffering from stresses have been opened; however, it is difficult to receive treatments as in-patients under long-term absence from the offices.  It seems to be necessary to place a doubt on occurrence of stress symptoms attributable to “Hazo diseases”.

I was suffering from stiff shoulder and low back pain for a long time.  However, I thought that this might be attributed to constitutional predisposition and therefore, I relied on tentative treatments such as massage and acupuncture.  Since two years ago, I had newly migraine, mandibular joint pain, curious tinnitus while after physical exercises, I felt that something was wrong with my dental bites.  After commencement of diving, I recognized aggravation of abnormal bites.  Whenever I bit a mouth-piece firmly, my teeth could not be well bitten.  I happened to note the article about this Dental Clinic in the news paper and visited here to receive examinations.
To my surprise, disordered bites were found to be the real causes for the above-stated symptoms.  Less motivated attitudes and irritation were perceived but I could not imagine that these symptoms could be improved by dental treatments.
Now, four limbs are powerful and I feel that I could move more swiftly than before.  I am not scared of unreasonable uncertainty, currently.  
Thank you very much for your kind treatments.
(A 49-year-old woman,  Fukuoka)

As shown in the witness, this patient had been suffering from indefinite complaints for a long time but she gave up eradication of them because she believed that they were associated with constitutional predisposition and  all of them would not be attributed to teeth.  She happened to read my article in Asahi Shinbun (Asahi News Paper) (Figure X) and fortunately obtained the chance for radical improvement.  Unless complete recovery was achieved until this stage, she should have hold stress reactions due to teeth for her full life and accordingly, she should have spent a gloomy life until her death because such stress reactions contribute to formation of preclinical diseases.  Her witness saying that she continuously had “No motivation” “Irritation” and “Unreasonable anxiety” but after treatment, she said “I could move more swiftly”, indicates improvement of the stress symptoms.  As stated in the confounding sensitization of stresses, the continuous stress due to teeth weakened the resistance against other stresses, whereby in some time in future, she might have had a serious disease by induction of some outer stimulation.  
As described in her letter, her hobby was a diving.  During the course of treatment of this patient, “Hazo” played a key role in the muscle systems in the whole body.  When she dives, she holds a mouth-piece in her mouth.  While diving, she bites a mouth-piece with tension for a long time, the newcomers in particular bite the piece too firmly, leading to occurrence of primary distortion in dental bites and chewing muscles.  If she could have cured them, there was no problem at all.  However, self-medication is too hard to perform it.  As the results, gradually the diseases turned out to be chronic ones whereby both the dental bites and the muscle systems of the whole body were maintained as they were. Although this patient still continued a diving, one day she visited our Clinic, saying “Previous symptoms recurred which suffered me.  Please treat them.”  According to her explanation, several days ago she went diving and she bit a mouth-piece firmly.  In this patient, her abnormal bites were already corrected and the present one was a tentative abnormality.  Accordingly, there was no need to touch any teeth and only an adjustment of chewing muscles normalized the said abnormality within a couple of minutes.
Similarly, another patient visited our Dental Clinic, complaining of inability of opening her mouth after the initial trial for diving.  This case was quite similar to the previous patient and one treatment to normalize the dental bites cured the trouble, thereby allowing her mouth open. If any persons who are enjoying diving are now reading this article, please be careful about too firm bites of a mouth-piece.  This patient has been liberated from persisting stresses and abnormal tension of muscles; as the results, she has enjoyed happiness which can be expressed as “Feeling of no feeling”.  She could not have anticipated this kind of happiness compared with the previous unhappy situations.  In addition, intracerebral hormones are susceptible to secretion, whereby she is able to perceive extreme happiness by being triggered with a minute pleasure.  On a routine basis, we should do our good behaviors.  A trifle thing shall decide our fortunes.  Now, her husband and mother have completed treatments and their family is enjoying real health.

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