Section 3-3. Destruction of electric bio-fields of the living body

Probably you might not know that metals unintentionally filled into teeth cause abnormality in immune system conducive to maintenance of health of humans, or inclusion of inability to coexistence with electromagnetic wave in this society, or disorder of life activity.
In addition, the issue of incompatible metals indicates possibility of changing the fundamental existence of humans.  This is also considered to be an electric bio-field problem for our lives.  Metals susceptible to ionization in the mouth produce persisting electromotive force between different metals or against mucous membrane by Macro-Galvanic electrical cell erosion effects.  Thus obtained electricity continuously flows throughout the whole body including brain to alter the vital electric current.
It reminds me of the fact that Harold Bar of Yale University, a famous researcher of neuroanatomy found previously existence of electric current in all kinds of living organisms ranging from seeds of plants to human beings.
He established a theory in which this kind of electromagnetic wave not only reflects electric movements of cells in the electromagnetic field but also controls or organizes the cells in this electromagnetic field.  Subsequently, he called this as “Jelly type” because the living organisms are formed in accordance with the shape of its magnetic field.
This can be called as an electric bio-field.  Our lives themselves are electric and filled with “Hado” of electric energy.  Suppose that metals or magnetic materials are easily filled in such an electric living bodies, thereby emitting abnormal and strong electricity continuously to the bodies, we might say that such treatments are regarded as something like suicide to our bodies which are functioning with sophisticated mechanisms.
It goes without saying that they will bring about damages of genes and disorders of both brain and physical mechanisms.  Of course, the incidence of onset of abnormality in cells and DNA genes will become higher because they are daily synthesized or duplicated.
More important problem is the bad influences on brain, known as the most electric organ in our bodies.  The fundamental unit comprising the brain is neuron.  For example, cerebral cortex of humans consists of approximately 14 billion neurons.
These neurons are comprised of neuronal cell body containing nucleus,  a long axis cylinder process emitting information, and several dendritic processes which receive information.  The terminal end of axis cylinder process is a little bit swollen where this process is bound with the neuronal cell body of another neuron via synapse as the interface point of contact.  At the synapse, the information is transmitted to another neuronal cell body through receptors via the transmitter substance which is released from the end of the axis cylinder process, followed by induction of excitation on the cell membrane.
The induced faint electricity travels through axis cylinder process and is transferred to another neuron.  Repetition of these processes is associated with performance of highly sophisticated nervous activities in cerebrum, together with immediate transmission of the information to every corner of our body.  As stated above, under existence of faint electric signals, cerebrum performs extremely correct and sophisticated vital activities every moment.  Accordingly, if persisting and big electricity is input and electromagnetic field is disturbed, significant disorder is induced.
It is easily anticipated that the person with such a disturbance would conduct abnormal behaviors and performances without his own recognition because serious abnormality occurs in his body.  
In this connection, we wish to refer to the witness by a 46-year-old woman concerning her daughter suffering from short stature, as already introduced in Chapter II, Section 3.

Yoko, my daughter (tentative name) was 18 years old but she had no menstruation.  Although we were so much concerned about it, menstruation occurred normally after dental treatment at this clinic.
She started her study at a computer business school in this April.  We are very happy now. 
(A mother of a 18-year-old daughter,   Fukuoka)

Yoko was low in her height due to abnormality in growth hormone secretion from pituitary gland, thereby having no menstruation as the second sexual character of women.  She had severe stiff shoulder and became worse when she sat in front of a favorite computer.
Based on recommendation of the mother, she received dental treatment.  Of course, I could not imagine that menstruation would occur, indicating improvement of abnormality of pituitary gland functions.  These clinically observed phenomena suggest the possibility that physiological abnormality induced by abnormal bites and implantation of incompatible metals affected pituitary gland which is located in the central part of brain.
Pituitary gland occurs as an organ measuring about soya bean which is covered by a small scalp called as sella turcica while it is attached to the end of nerve bundle called as hypothalamic area.  This, a gland indicative of controlling other endocrine glands is well known to control body growth.  Secondary sexual characteristic is also a work of pituitary gland; therefore, in case of inactivity of this action, the patient presents short statue.
Recent studies revealed that pituitary gland secreted a hormone, called as endorphin indicative of a brain narcotics which exerts sedative effects.  It is pointed out that this endorphin contributes to the so-called running-high which brings about extreme happiness feeling associated with meditation, when we enjoy jogging over 20 minutes.  It is also anticipated that pituitary gland is responsible for such a happy feeling via secretion of such hormones even under usual conditions.  If any abnormality occurs in this pituitary gland, significant disorder might eventually manifest, resulting in loss of happy feeling.
On the contrary, normalization of electric bio-field by dental treatment, alleviation of internal stresses and elevation of the psychosomatic function including brain result in increase in secretion of various brain hormones and endorphin which causes happiness sensation; as the result, they could be easily secreted by slight stimulation.
For example, when our faces are washed with cold water in the morning or when our faces are blown with soft breeze in front of our entrance, we occasionally feel happiness whereby we really perceive utmost happiness sensation.  The following witnesses confirm such a fact.

After completion of my dental treatment, I felt warm sensation a little bit upper part of my ankle and to my surprise, I had a pleasant feeling.  In addition, when I wash my face with cold water, I perceive happy sensation.  The most surprising change was a pleasure of tasting foods with repeated chewing of foods.  
Whenever I looked TV, I occasionally experienced a much more emotional sensation than I had before.  I really thank you very much for kindness of Dr. Muratsu.
(A 43-year-old woman,  Fukuoka)  

Before treatment, I had had severe low back pain while driving a car.  I could not drive for a long time without stretching my trunk frequently in a driver’s seat.  I have been teaching how to swim as a part-timer.
Before dental treatment, low back pain prevented me from swimming satisfactorily and therefore, my teaching procedures were greatly affected by this disease.
Because of such troubles, I feel very thankful to the present dental treatment.  Currently, I have no low back pain while sitting in a driving seat for a long time and I can swim freely in a swimming pool.  I am hardly tired after swimming.
I could not spend such a happy day like today if I would have continued the previous ways of life.  I feel as if I have a strong pillar within my body.
I thank you very much for Dr. Muratsu and other stuff members for providing me with this kind of good opportunities.  I appreciate your dental treatment.
(A 22-year-old man,   Kurate-gun,  Fukuoka prefecture)

There is a motto of Zen Buddhism “What are you complaining about after being born naked?”.  If we have any intolerable pains or disorders due to illness, we cannot understand this word at all.  However, once we become healthy after dental treatment, or we regain real healthy conditions based on “Perception of no perception” in our psychosomatic conditions, we could partly understand significance of this Zen motto.
In our usual days, although we cannot recognize significance of this word because of the natural truth, at a special moment, we become ready to deeply appreciate the presence of naked existence.  The spirit of no constraint occurs in our mind unexpectedly by an opportunity to note “I am living now and I can exist here”, whereby a mind “I wish to pore all of my life to this occasion” is matured.
Under these steps, we might really feel significance of this Zen motto.
It is postulated that we can spend equally happy lives in this limited world if we reach this way of thinking.  For attaining such a mind, it is required to recognize existence of “Hazo”, thereby achieving real healthy conditions.

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