Section 3-2. Artificial dental materials filled in teeth disorder the living wave of blood and food, resulting in shortening our lives

Currently, “Hado” science has been highlighted. There is a possibility that during the course of crushing foods into pieces under direct contact of foods with implanted incompatible metals which are considered unfavorable to our lives from the view point of “Hado”, “Hado” of foods and water themselves are changed or affected.
Even if nutritious foods and water are ingested, the digested and absorbed foods are already denatured by abnormal “Hado”, followed by incorporation of them as the components of our bodies. As described in Chapter II “Teeth are our organs and living jewelry”, there is a possibility that teeth comprising crystals with crystalline structure play a role as activating or purifying apparatus for “Hado” of water components contained in blood.
Therefore, whenever something is filled in teeth following grinding teeth, adequate care should be paid not only to similar mechanical strength of them to those of teeth but also to compensation of the Hado activating function or at least, no inhibition of their functions.Metals or artificial foreign substances which are filled in teeth or cover the ground teeth exert influences on “Hado” of circulating blood and lymphatic fluid in the dental pulp for all the day long.
If these substances contribute to strengthening and activating the vital “Hado”, it is conceivable that blood and body fluid are purified and activated every moment, evolving into maintaining tireless and healthy conditions. On the contrary, if the implanted materials decrease or destroy the biological “Hado”, the outcomes are tragic.
Every moment, there is a possibility of weakened activity or functions of blood, body fluid, and lymphatic fluid which plays an essential role in anti-virus, anti-bacterial and anti-malignant tumors. Furthermore, the body fluid is circulating in the body for 24 hours a day, indicating that all the body fluid is affected. As the natural consequence, removal of incompatible metals in the mouth contributes to recovery effects of systemic water “Hado”. Its effects will last for a long time of life until death, together with recovery of the electric bio-field, which shall be described later. This is because about 6 trillion cells in the body are generated under electromagnetic influences day and night, indicating that all the replacement of these cells requires approximately 7 years. In this sense, we must be careful about implantation of artificial foreign substances into our bodies.
Thus, all the issues related to teeth should be viewed from the long-lasting spans over our lives. Shall we review the witnesses from patients.

Before treatment, I had dizziness and vomiting to be finally confined to bed several times a year. After completion of dental treatment, I have not been ill this year. I could go upstairs without holding the handrail. I was surprised to find that I run up the stairs
(I am fine!).(A 40-year-old woman, Fukuoka)

I had been easily fatigued and suffering from stiff shoulder and low back pain frequently before treatment. However, immediately after metals were removed from my mouth, I felt that I became in better physical conditions whenever I received dental treatment.I am very busy with my two sons, 3 years and 1 year old, every day. Furthermore, I worked for my husband in housekeeping; however, I am not so nervous and I become very positive.Thank you very much for Dr. Muratsu and staff members.
(A 33-year-old woman, Kashima city, Ibaraki)

Now looking at the dental materials including incompatible metals now currently used in dental fields from such a new “Hazo” paradigm, we can note the fact that a big issue is hidden behind the world which we have overlooked so far.
On the other hand, apart from the negative view point, shall we look at the dental materials from the positive view of the new paradigm, whereby a new feasibility to provide activation or vigor to our body can be seen. In other words, not only applicability to organs in terms of passive meanings but also development of functional dental materials to strengthen “Hazo” functions as explained above should be achieved to stimulate our body health efficiently.
Currently, KOS is performing this trial and it is successful. Two more years after completion of the treatment, not only improvement of rough dry skin and atopy but also shiny complexion are found relative to those at the initial consultation. Of course, this is attained by concomitant efficacy of “Hazo” treatment and therefore, we cannot distinguish them from the “Hazo” efficacy. As stated before, however, our boy comprises quite a few cells while they are newly generated daily, replaced and grown to maintain the original body shape.
When we consider the deterioration of “Hado” of body fluid, it is postulated that there would be a great difference in the quality of cells between cells produced under normal conditions and cells generated under abnormal conditions.

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