Section 1-1. Nobody can win even if we go counter to the universe force, gravity and electromagnetic power

It is reported that there are four forces in the cosmic space.  They consist of two forces such as weak force and strong force in the inside of atomic nucleus, as well as gravity and electromagnetic force.  Modern physics revealed that these four forces work as the force governing the cosmic space including the earth.  All the phenomena including diseases possess both causes and outcomes. Causes extend their influences due to the existing forces.  In essence, these four forces exert influences as the causes after being changed into various forms.  Weak and strong forces exist in the atom whereby some researchers insist correlation with our heart.  However, since this seems not to be associated with the theme of this book, I would not refer to this any more.  Macroscopically speaking, gravity and electromagnetic force are modified into various forms resulting in inducing diseases as the outcomes.
Shall we review once again how these two forces are involved in the correlation between teeth and the whole body.  As regards the gravity, the distorted dental bites cause discordance in chewing muscles, suprahyoid and infrahyoid muscles as well as muscle groups connecting head, cervical lesion and chest, resulting in occurrence of disrupted balance of heavy bone of skull supported by lots of muscles against the gravity axis of the body.  As the results, deviance occurs to induce stiff stress on epistropheus (first cervical vertebra) and atlo (second cervical vertebra), both of which play a role as the joint with the supporting vertebral column.  Since these first and second cervical vertebra are designated as the starting point of vertebral column, the deviance and distortion cause distortion of the whole vertebral column as a chain reaction, together with induction of disagreement between the gravity and the whole body, evolving into occurrence of persisting abnormal tension and the resultant stress in the brain following tension in anti-gravity muscles and the whole body muscles.
Concerning electromagnetic force, transmission of the information from teeth to the brain is made via electric nervous conduction from peripheral nerves to central nerves.  Artificial foreign materials to be used in dental treatment such as incompatible metals are known to cause electromagnetic abnormalities due to Macro-Galvanic electric erosion effects or chemical abnormalities in the body.
Judging from the most original point designated as “Force” filled in this universe, it can properly explain the causal relation of observed abnormalities without causing any preconceived blind points which are frequently observed in modern medicine.  “Hazo diseases” are defined as the pathological conditions including the systemic symptoms which are attributable to abnormalities in teeth and chewing-related organs.  Lots of patient examples were introduced in the former half of this book.  
At the top of the Second Part, I described reports with the title of “Miracle of the modern medicine” in which lots of children’s cases were introduced.  All of these patients suffered from mental anxiety and various physical symptoms including atopic dermatitis, stiff shoulder, headache and menstrual pain due to unknown causes and intractable features for more than a decade.  The son, a university student and the daughter of the first grade of a high school were liberated from long-lasting sufferings by diagnoses based on the new medical paradigm and the resultant “Hazo” theory as well as the subsequent treatments, which were obtained, as previously described, from the concept “Teeth are our organs”.  Of course, they opened their bright days.  The brother successfully entered a topnotch university while the younger sister entered a high school although she could not go to school because of mental anxiety and physical disorders.  We can imagine how glad not only these youngsters but also their mother were.  Their appreciation are vividly depicted in her letter.
However, until the previous day of their receiving diagnoses and treatments, they had had concerns about the unknown diseases and anxiety about the future for a long time.  As were seen in these brother and sister, lots of other patients are now suffering from the similar disorders not only in Japan but also in the rest of the world.  Even at this moment, sufferings attributable to “Hazo diseases” are being widespread because of the blind point of the modern medicine and the incorrect common sense.  Not only to save these patients but also to prevent the newborns from experiencing such disorders, I am writing this book as a mission because I have noted this important concept about “Hazo”.  Apart from the further introduction, I wish to revert to the essential parts of this new concept, “Hazo diseases” in details.  For your relaxation, I would like to introduce the witnesses as the internal dessert for you.

Before receiving this treatment, I had had tinnitus, low back pain and stiff shoulder; however, now all of them have disappeared.  During the discontinued period from visiting the Clinic, chewing bites became again incorrect and subsequently, I felt pains in my right thigh.  This has been eliminated soon after treatment for wrong bites.
Since I did not know how important correction of disordered bites and elimination of incompatible metals are, I feel happy because I was introduced to this Clinic.
(A 19-year-old woman, Kasuya-gun, Fukuoka prefecture)

Previously, I was wondering whether there are any dentists who would kindly consult with me about regular dental examination and dental health.  Thanks to introduction by one of my friends, I could meet with Dr. Muratsu. I was excited to visit the Muratsu Dental Clinic for treatment of my teeth. I really recognized favorable outcomes of my teeth per every visit.  I did not have any bad impression about my health but I perceived pains of my shoulders following working on word-processor for my job.  Currently, however, I have no complaints of my stiff shoulder.  Graze of my teeth became better and I feel very satisfied.
I had hardly felt that my trunk was bent but I was consent to such an instruction.  Grip dynamometer showed improvement of my grip strength by 3 kg ~ 4 kg.  Please continuously take care of my teeth (I am looking forward to seeing Dr. Muratsu!).  After correction of my abnormal bites, I have not bitten my internal cheek.  My stomach conditions have been improved and I am fine although in June, I used to catch cold.
(A 53-year-old woman,  Fukuoka)

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