Section 3-1. We cannot believe it! Artificial dental materials are involved in such an electromagnetic disorder!

In addition to problems related to dissolution of incompatible metals due to dry cell erosion, there are more important issues. That is a problem in electromagnetic disorder attributable to incompatible metals which are employed for dental treatment.
For investigation of compatibility to organs, we initially used both the muscular strength test and the patch test.
Incidentally, the former test is represented by O-ring tests which have been employed in the fields of visceral organ diagnosis and Chinese medicine for the past 20 years.
Later, however, it was confirmed in lots of clinical experiences that the patch test shows dermatological abnormality whereas the muscular strength test adequately covers the results obtained by the patch test. Accordingly, we perform the compatibility evaluation only by the muscular strength test currently. This test does not require any specific instruments nor any special places, indicating that this can be conducted easily.
Briefly speaking, the test subject is asked to form a ring with use of thumb and index finger of the dominant arm, and to do utmost efforts not to open the ring.

Subsequently, the investigator opens the ring with investigator’s fingers thereby determining resistance of the extensible muscular strength and making judgment. When being accustomed to this procedure, we can make judgment by electromagnetic changes of the subject following attachment of the fingers.
If we become much more skillful, we are able to judge the subject’s conditions through sophisticated variations such as electromagnetic energy emitted from palm, fingers or cheek, known as “Qi” in the oriental medicine.
Incidentally, metals provide us with relevant information about compatibility irrespective of “Flow of qi” in terms of oriental medicine whereas we must be careful about non-metal substances because they exert quite opposite influences according to either positive rotation or inverse rotation of “Qi” in the patients.With use of such muscular strength tests, we can confirm improvement of systemic reactions following removal of incompatible metals or influences against electromagnetic wave.
For example, suppose that amalgam is implanted into 8 teeth for treatment of dental caries. When the muscular strength test is applied to this patient, we can observe that the finger ring can be easily opened if metals still exist in the mouth.
When we perform this test at the place close to the source origin of electromagnetic wave including TV and fluorescent lamp, the subject’s strength is more reduced, resulting in the fingers being more susceptible to opening. As the next steps, when metals are removed from the implantation one by one and the same tests are performed, with removal of metals from each tooth, the muscular strength is more increased.
After removal of 7 amalgam out of 8, the same test demonstrated increased resistance, leading to difficulty in opening the ring. However, if the subject moves closer to the source origin of the electromagnetic wave under stronger electromagnetic field, the test shows that the finger ring can be easily opened without specific efforts in the similar manners as the initial trial. This indicates occurrence of electromagnetic disorders.
Finally, when the last one metal implant is removed to produce no incompatible metal in the mouth, the finger ring cannot be opened under the strong electromagnetic field equivalent to 100-fold of the usual strength, demonstrating the similarly strong muscular strength to those without electromagnetic influences.As is obvious from these examples, removal of metals from the oral cavity is associated with alteration of the vital responses to electromagnetic wave, resulting in normalization of the muscular strength.
This clearly indicates the possible association of metals filled in teeth with electromagnetic disorders. This phenomenon can be designated as the outcomes of disordered defense mechanism of our body against electromagnetic wave, together with alteration of vital electronic biofield due to continuous flow of electromotive force, which occurred in the oral cavity by the afore-mentioned Macro-Galvanic electric erosion effects, through brain reticular formation and brain stem. As the example, we introduced amalgam but the similar results are observed in case of frequently used paradium alloy and silver alloy.
In other words, metals which are susceptible to easy ionization to induce Macro-Galvanic electric erosion effects following application to the oral cavity exert the same bad influences on human bodies. Using movile phones while driving a car frequently causes traffic accidents whereby the relevant law to prohibit its use while driving has been implemented; however, such a situation is not attributed to problems on movile phones themselves but occurrence of disorders in internal mechanisms due to incompatible metals filled in teeth.
As is evidenced in the witness of patients, concentration power and systemic functions are lowered without notice by patients themselves. In parallel with current rapid progress of computerized society, techno-stress is increased. Therefore, induction of electromagnetic disorders and aggravation by implanted incompatible metals in teeth provides extremely significant meanings.
As an issue of millennium problem was raised, the current society cannot be talked without computers because they are incorporated into the social lives as the fundamental functions.

In the similar manners as the metals filled in teeth, movile phones and movile computers would become a part of our body and is anticipated to be more familiar to human beings in future. This can be compared to raising both dogs and monkeys (known as cats-and-dogs relationships) in a house simultaneously, indicating that fighting occurs within our body, resulting in constant onset of increased stress, lowered concentration power, and psychosomatic abnormality such as irritation, headache and stiff shoulders.
Since the correlation of electromagnetic disorders with incompatible metals possess serious meanings, I wish to cite the witness from relevant patients and to confirm this problem correctly.

I like sweet things and I have visited dentist offices since my childhood. At 36 years of age, I received dental treatment for repairing all of bad teeth (dental caries). At that occasion, 4 third molar teeth were extracted on the pretext of unnecessary teeth. Although I am not quite sure whether such extractions were responsible or not, I have felt irregular bites.
One day, I read an article concerning dental treatment on Asahi Daily Newspaper and therefore, I visited this Clinic.Before treatment, I perceived no particular symptoms; however, I recognized occasionally knee pains, stiff shoulder, head heaviness, low back pain, and lost of power of concentration. Generally, I felt heavy sensation of my body. After treatment, these symptoms gradually disappeared and tapered without recognition.
I look at a computer display as my job but my power of concentration has recovered following removal of implanted metals. I believe that this might be attributed to influences by electromagnetic wave. Hypertension is hereditary one and therefore, notable reduction of hypertension cannot be attained in short period of time. However, stiff shoulder related to hypertension is completely eliminated.
Two months have passed since completion of the treatment and I am fine.
(A 48-year-old woman, Fukuoka)

Although I had no particular symptoms, I was recommended by my elder sister and mother to receive dental treatment. I had been suffering from headache when I had not enough sleep or I was working on a personal computer for a long time.
Immediately after the initial treatment, I promptly noted that I had no such long-lasting symptoms at all. Since then, I had no headache. I am very well and I am surprised at such a change. I wish to keep my teeth well from now on. Thank you very much.
(A 36-year-old woman, Fukuoka)

Previously, I had stiff shoulder from my right neck to the right shoulder whereby I felt unpleasant. However, currently I have no such symptoms.
Before dental treatment, I felt badly and had nausea when I worked on a personal computer for about 5 minutes. In contrast, now I can continue the computer works for a longer period.
I usually take a drug for treatment of autonomic nervous system disorders currently but I wish to taper the dose of this drug gradually.
(A 52-year-old man, Kitakyushu-city, Fukuoka)

These three persons who submitted their witnesses showed extremely lowered muscular strength due to influences of strong electromagnetic wave before “Hazo” treatment. After treatment in which incompatible metals were removed, however, they demonstrated normal results in muscular strength tests and their muscular strength tests indicated no influences by electromagnetic wave even if they approached to the places with strong electromagnetic wave such as in front of TV display and fluorescent light.
I have encountered lots of clinical cases suspected of the correlation between incompatible metals and electromagnetic wave disorders. As the natural consequence, there is no doubt that incompatible metals filled in teeth are responsible for onset of abnormality in our bodies, leading to loss of resistance of the body against electromagnetic wave.
It is obvious that incompatible metals filled in our teeth are actually involved in electromagnetic wave disorders which have become a notable social issue currently. Electromagnetic wave is a fundamental existence form of energy in the universe.
Depending on different wave lengths, electromagnetic wave is called differently. Sun light is also one electromagnetic wave. Electromagnetic wave with extremely shorter wave length including X ray, ultraviolet ray and microwave is harmful to human beings because they induce direct cellular damages.
However, electromagnetic wave with physiological wave lengths is not always harmful to humans but is useful and necessary to humans and our societies.
If such safe electromagnetic wave in its nature becomes harmful to humans following internal changes in our bodies due to employment of incompatible metals as shown in pollinosis, it is really problematic. Some physicians pointed out that unfavorable influences are observed in pineal body which is known as the receiving apparatus for electromagnetic wave and magnetic wave.

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